About Magniflex

Highest Quality

100% made in Italy

Mattresses of the highest quality, all over the world

Magniflex stands out because our products offer a genuine added value for consumers – Quality. We are a company that strives to achieve excellence, where everybody works with diligence and prioritizes customer satisfaction above all else.

In an era of globalisation where it is possible to shift production to exploit cheaper labour and resources, Magniflex remains inextricably linked to its Italian roots. The materials used by Magniflex are 100% Italian and all our products are designed and produced within our facilities in Tuscany. Every day our technical experts and over 180 employees work hard to produce mattresses of exceptional quality and in accordance with European regulations.




Certifications For over 50 years Magniflex has placed all efforts into the quest for quality and excellence, and worked with increasing levels of environmental responsibility as acknowledged by European certification bodies.

Magniflex uses only the finest materials, as tested and certified by LGA, and all products are certified by Oeko-Tex, which guarantees the absence of allergens and substances that may be harmful to one’s health and the environment.

Magniflex complies with the BS EN ISO 9001:2008 standards which certify management systems that are consistent with international regulations verified and approved by UKAS and AJA.

In addition, certain Magniflex products have qualified for The MEDICAL DEVICE certification in Italy.

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Continuous Development

CertificationsAt Magniflex, we do not rest on our laurels and continuously strive to achieve our goal of providing the perfect rest for everyone. The company encourages dialogue, internal initiatives and relations with external suppliers because we believe that by sharing experiences it is possible to achieve ever more concrete results.

CertificationsAs part of this progress, Magniflex has formed a partnership with the University of Florence to carry out in-depth research into the ergonomics of our mattresses and to offer a product that is truly conducive to the relaxation and health of its consumers.
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