About Magniflex

We Love Sport

We Love Sport

Magniflex has a long history of association with sport, from the sponsorship of cycling’s Giro d’Italia in the early Eighties, to today’s association with members of the Italian National Rugby Team.

Why do members of the Italian Rugby Team endorse our products?

It is not only because they understand the importance of keeping themselves in peak physical condition, or because they know the benefits of a good mattress on their health, but because of our shared values:

We are inspired by PERFORMANCE

because we always want our products to perform to the highest standards.

We consider RESPECT an essential foundation

for our company. Respect for the consumer, for work and for the environment.

We place importance on the authenticity and INTEGRITY

of raw materials so that our products offer secure guarantees.

We have a PASSION for rest

and always seek to provide the best for our customers.

Sergio Parisse
Captain of the Italian
National Rugby Team
Martin Castrogiovanni
Prop forward of the Italian
National Rugby Team
Gonzalo Canale
Inside centre of the Italian
National Rugby Team
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