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Foam Mattresses That Make A Difference: Facts And Features

10-August-2019 - Posted By Magniflex Middle East

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People tend to believe in myths that have been followed from generation to generation. There are many myths revolving around the concept of sleep as well.

These convictions are not based exclusively on science or proven facts,but are sometimes just something they've heard from their elders, which they continue to believe. If these myths keep you lying awake on your mattress at night and ruin your sleep, it's high time to put an end to it once and for all. Thanks to abundant research on the subject of sleep, we now have the capacity to counter these myths with facts, and help individuals move forward.

We all understand that sleep plays a vital part in our health. However, it was once thought that while we sleep our body is in full rest, which is not entirely true. While our voluntary movements shut down, our body continues to repair itself, restore cell damage and perform other necessary bodily needs to stay healthy. So, let's start by busting some sleep myths:

Myth: You need 8 hours of sleep at night

Research has shown that this particular myth is not accurate because individuals generally get only 7 hours of sleep at night. This specific idea where you need to get 8 hours of sleep at night should no longer be pursued as it creates sleep anxiety, particularly among those who are already struggling to get enough sleep at night. People end up believing that without that specific amount of sleep, they'll be sleep deprived during the day, even when getting sufficient sleep. This unwanted pressure to get enough sleep will make things more difficult as we cannot force ourselves to sleep for a particular time period. It will render it difficult to sleep correctly by generating this concept in our head. Do not let this thought take over you and disrupt your good night's sleep in your comfy mattress.

Myth: If you're going to sleep less next week, sleep more this week

Although this sounds like a perfect remedy, it's too good to be true. Our body doesn't work this way where you can save some sleep for the future and get back the sleep you've lost. Instead of believing that this myth was true, try getting enough sleep every night so that you don't feel sleep deprived at any point. Develop healthy sleeping habits on a good mattress so that your sleep doesn’t get interrupted in between.

Myth: It's good to sleep while listening to music or watching TV

The reason why you have weird dreams about movie characters or so is that you've slept with the TV running in the background. It might help you sleep faster, but what you're failing to realize is how badly it affects your brain while you're asleep. Your brain is under extreme work generating dreams from what it picked up on the TV, thus preventing you from getting a peaceful sleep. This action keeps your brain as well as your body active throughout the night, leaving you with a poor night's sleep, and causing fatigue. What you could do is listen to a white noise machine or soothing music without any lyrics so that the language centers of your brain are put to rest. This will help you rest better on your mattress every night.

Say goodbye to these myths and find a difference in your sleeping pattern. Find yourself one of our best mattresses in Dubai and start practicing good sleeping habits for a well-rested morning, and healthy life.

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