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Foam Mattresses That Make A Difference: Facts And Features

21-July-2019 - Posted By Magniflex Middle East

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Sleep is one of the basic needs of any human being. It is not a luxury that a few are allowed to enjoy, but rather one of the most important routine everyone must follow. Sleep deprivation due to internal or external factors must be dealt with at the right time, to avoid any health issues that may follow.

People suffer from insomnia for different reasons. While health issues that lead to sleep deprivation require medical care, external factors like your food habits, screen time and comfort of your mattress can be easily controlled and changed for good.

Although it may seem trivial, investing in a good foam mattress is one way to fall asleep better. Unknown to many, sleeping for years on a coil and spring mattresses that are too hard or soft to support your body will eventually lead to muscular and orthopaedic issues like back and shoulder aches. On the other hand, a good foam mattress will keep you comfortable and free of body pains for long. For instance, mattresses like the Memoform from Magniflex can provide you with great comfort and sound sleep all night long.

Are you intrigued? Can Magniflex mattresses promise a difference to your sleeping patterns for good? Let’s find out more about these mattresses below:

Foam Mattresses From Magniflex

While there are several mattress brands out there in the market, nothing beats the quality of Italian mattresses crafted after years of research on sleep technology. Our mattresses are created from high-quality raw materials, ensuring hygiene and breathability, supporting every individual’s unique needs.

These spring-free mattresses are designed using the latest technology and patented foam cores to ensure superior support and a great deal of comfort.

Memoform Magnifoam

The Memoform Magnifoam is one of our most popular foam mattresses, which ensures unparalleled comforts. The foam has a high-density open cell structure making it highly breathable and keeping it free of all unpleasant odours and moisture. Water is used as the primary solvent during mattress production to make it non-toxic and durable for longer periods. Unlike most other foam mattresses in the market, memoform doesn't rely on “heating” time to respond to anatomical features of the user. This flexible foam can respond to your body’s convexity and concavity, providing complete support to it throughout your sleep. With the greater support, your blood circulation becomes proper, spine distends naturally and reduces pressure on your joints. Further, this high performing foam mattress does not hinder your body’s natural sleep moments, ensuring a good night of rest and sleep.

Magnigel foam

Magnigel is a highly breathable and flexible gel-based foam with proven heat dissipation abilities. Similar to memoform, magnigel is also highly dense, making it extremely soft and comfortable. The gel-infused technology makes the mattress highly breathable, keeping the temperature stable throughout the night.

Elioform Magniform

Elioform Magniform is one of Magniflex’s traditional orthopaedic foams. The mattress uses two kinds of polyester, one which offers rigidity and the other that provides resistance. As the Eliform is made of microcells, the foam mattress is highly breathable, hygiene and humidity-controlled.


Another one of our microcells structured orthopaedic foam mattresses has a softer consistency compared to Elioform. The orthopaedic properties ensure that your back and shoulders are well-rested throughout the night, without compromising your health.

Choosing a good foam mattress is very important for your better sleeping as well as maintaining your general health. If you are ready to adopt some good habits and invest in a good mattress from Magniflex for a good night’s sleep, you are already on your way to healthy living.

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