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Pink Is The New White- How does Pink Noise Work And Its Benefits

07-November-2019 - Posted By Magniflex Middle East

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A proper rest is needed after facing the grit and grind of a busy day. It’s our body’s opportunity to rejuvenate itself and provide the strength needed for the next day. The key to a good night’s rest is healthy sleep hygiene. One way to have good sleep hygiene is by having a comfortable place to rest. Fortunately, there are several ways to induce a comfortable sleep. From memory foam pillows for added comfort, and orthopedic mattresses for better support, to innovative solutions such as smart pajamas and wearable sleep trackers.

If you belong to the group of people who have their fair share of sleep problems, you may have been advised to keep a white noise machine close to your bed. In simpler terms, white noise is a background noise with a particular kind of frequency that’s scientifically proven to induce sleep by breaking the silence and letting the mind relax and settle down. This, in turn, lets you nod off to an undisturbed sleep on your mattress.

With the advent of technology, noises can come in different hues too. For instance, pink noise has been gaining popularity for people who are looking for a solution to their sleeplessness. Yes, you read it right! Pink noise exists, and strangely enough, it has piqued the interest of researchers lately. But what is pink noise? Let’s find out.

The Power of Pink Noise

Both white and pink noise are audible enough to be heard by the human ear. The difference between the two is the consistency in frequency. For starters, white noise is random noise with an equal amount of energy and frequency- meaning it has a uniform amount of intensity all throughout. For example, television static is white noise.

Pink noise differs from white noise in a way that its intensity decreases as the frequency increase. This means pink noise is louder and more intense at lower frequencies. In easier terms, the deeper the sound, the louder it gets. The sound of rain falling, waves crashing on the shore, and rustling leaves are examples of pink noise.

Pink noise promotes slow-wave brain activity, which in turn, facilitates the restorative stage of sleep. A study conducted at Peking University, Beijing China aimed to identify the effects of pink noise on the complexity synchronization of brain activity and sleep consolidation of adults. It demonstrated that stable pink noise had a considerable effect on decreasing brain wave complexity and inducing more stable sleep time to improve the quality of sleep of the participants. Several more studies are conducted to examine the positive effects of pink noise, not just in sleep but for concentration and productivity as well.

However, it is important to know that these studies do not claim the superiority of pink noise to white noise. Intensive research is required to have a better comprehension of the impacts of pink noise on people’s sleep cycles.

The Benefits and Applications of Pink Noise

Perhaps the reason why pink noise is gaining popularity is that it is naturally occurring- the sound of our heart beating is pink noise. There are several benefits to it. Here are some of them:

  • Enhance memory retention.
  • Facilitates slow-wave sleep ( restorative sleep).
  • Boosts concentration.
  • Maintains focus.
  • Improves sleep hygiene.

In application, pink noise can be used not just to improve sleep, but can also be utilized in a business setting. It is said to potentially improve concentration and increase productivity. There are also white noise machines that can include pink noise. Mobile applications are also available, which makes it accessible to everyone.

In addition, there are also blue, black, grey, and brown noise with varying degrees of intensity and frequency, but let’s save that discussion for another day.

Get your speakers playing, and listen to some pink noise while you lie comfortably on your mattress as it promotes relaxation and aids in blocking out environmental noise that makes it difficult to sleep. So the next time you consider using background noise to help you fall asleep, give pink noise a try.

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