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How Getting A Good Night's Sleep Can Boost Your Creativity

21-September-2019 - Posted By Magniflex Middle East

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Sleep researchers are always uncovering new and unfamiliar facts about sleep and its impact on our body. One of these studies suggest that sleep can improve one’s creativity.

Scientists found out that sleep can enable the brain to mentally restructure any data that it collects during the waking hours, giving rise to fresh insights and creative thoughts. In other words, this tells us that our brain gets more imaginative when we sleep after reading, watching, or listening to something new and interesting.

If so, is it possible to train your brain to be more creative through sleep? Let us take a look:

Read something interesting before sleep

Reading has always helped people encourage their creative side. When we read, we simultaneously try to visualize the scene in our mind, stimulating creative thinking. As you go to sleep in the comfort of your mattress after an engaging reading session, your brain will start to reorganize the data and give rise to new ideas.

Pay attention to your dreams

Have you heard of lucid dreaming? A lucid dream is the one where you are aware that you are dreaming, giving you some control over it. If you are keen on sparking your creativity while sleeping, train yourself to lucid dream once in a while.

Since most of lucid dreams happen during deep sleep, encourage your body to get more REM sleep. Keeping a dream journal to regularly write down your vivid dreams will also help you to explore patterns that regularly occur in your sleep.

People also try short rounds or activities in between their sleep like writing in their dream journal to remember what they were having. In most cases, focusing on the dream before going back to sleep encourages the brain to go back to lucid dreaming, allowing the person to explore plotlines or make decisions in their sleep.

Sleep may help resolve your problems

Sleep provides access to a vast amount of knowledge in the brain that doesn’t immediately come to mind when a person is awake. This is called ‘spreading activation’, which allows the brain to form associations between different concepts and facts. After several cycles of focused sleep, the individual may find a reliable insight or solution to the issue at hand.

Feel free to daydream

Daydreaming or dreaming when you’re awake will also help you link unique concepts and synthesise new ideas. Unlike the dreams you see when you are sleeping, daydreaming occurs when you allow your mind to wander without any focus during the day time.

Most of the techniques to jumpstart the brain for creative thinking involves some amount of sleep deprivation, so an individual should practice them with caution. Waking up several times at night every day to try lucid dreaming will make you feel drowsy and sleepy during the day, even if you are at your creative best.

So catch up on your sleep in the comfort of our mattresses for a comfortable rest. Let your brain recuperate after being in a great buzz all day.

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