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Mattresses That Matter : Choose Memoform For A Restful Sleep


Mattresses That Matter: Choose Memoform For A Restful Sleep

Over the past few years, we have re-evaluated our need and desire for a good night’s sleep. We are now better informed about the benefits of sleeping well and the various ways to achieve it.

This is why when we hear the word "memory", we instantly relate it to mattresses. Memory foam mattresses have become extremely popular all over the world as more and more people have become aware of its amazing benefits and comfort

So, what's so special about a Magniflex mattress? In this blog, we will take a quick look at the features and advantages of a Magniflex Memoform mattress.

Magniflex Memory Foam Mattresses: What Makes Them Special

Magniflex is Italy’s largest mattress company with over 50 years of experience in manufacturing high-quality mattresses. Memoform is a patented Memory Foam designed by Magniflex that responds to the body weight and therefore adapts perfectly to the body shape. This allows the mattress to provide tailored support to the body and provide the best support to the spine. Due to its ability to adapt, Memoform also eliminates any pressure being applied to the body and improves blood circulation. This results in a night of extremely comfortable and healthy sleep.

Here are 6 reasons why Memoform mattresses from Magniflex have become a firm favourite in Dubai:

Benefits Of Memoform Mattresses

Eliminates Pressure Points

The ability of Memoform to adjust to your body shape, without applying upward pressure on the body, helps prevent pressure sores and minimizes pain on sensitive parts of the body. Memoform is a preferred material of people requiring long term bed rest, as it reduces pain when lying down for long periods.

Spine Alignment And Support

As Memoform supports the body evenly, it is capable of correctly supporting the lower back and spine. With custom support for the lumbar area, lower back pain and muscle tension can be eliminated without the need for medical support.

Accommodate Natural Sleeping Positions

Whether you like sleeping on your side, stomach or back, the Memoform mattress can accommodate your natural sleeping position. It moulds to, and cradles every part of the body evenly, providing an amazingly comfortable sleep.

Reduces Disturbances

Everyone sleeps differently. If you are one of those people who move a lot in your sleep, it can create a lot of waves and movements in normal mattresses. This will cause disturbed sleep for your partner, especially if both of you are on a different schedule or if your partner is a light sleeper.

Memoform foam mattresses from Magniflex absorb these movements, allowing you and your partner to enjoy a sound sleep.

Hypo-Allergenic Qualities

Dust mites are one of the leading causes of indoor allergies. While they are harmless for most, over time they can cause allergic issues. Traditional mattresses can accumulate millions of dust mites over the years, as the mites burrow into the fluffy fibre padding of the mattress.

However, the dense Memoform keeps away dust mites as there is no space for them to live and thrive. The foam also limits allergens like pet dander and mould from forming in the mattress.

Better Durability And Low Maintenance

Memoform mattresses are durable and have a good lifespan, with 12-year warranties against deformation. These mattresses are also low-maintenance as they do not require turning like other mattresses. They also feature removable and washable fabrics to keep them in pristine condition throughout their lifespan.

Convinced about buying a memory foam mattress? Contact us at Magniflex today.

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