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Proven Methods to Beat the Summer Heat and Sleep Better


Proven Methods to Beat the Summer Heat and Sleep Better

The beautiful city of Dubai comes alive during the summer months with visitors from all over the world. However, with the rise in temperature and humid climate, sleeping at night can be difficult if you’re not careful. Below are some of the ways you can bid adieu to the summer heat and sleep comfortably in your villa or apartment:

Keep your meals small and light

It is best to eat small amounts of nutritious food and stay away from a lot of complex proteins. This is because eating too much protein will increase the metabolic rate of your body making you feel warm.

Choose the right fabrics

You can select a mattress with an innovative fabric like 'Outlast' from Magniflex. This fabric is proven to remove perspiration and keep humidity away from the body. Once you have decided on getting the right mattress for your bed, always remember to select breathable cotton bed sheets. Wearing Cotton pyjamas to bed will also help deal with heat, as it will not be trapped as in the case of silk.

Eat a bit of spicy food at night

This might sound strange but the chemical Capsaicin which is commonly found in spicy food will cause the heat receptors in your mouth to be stimulated. This in turn causes mild sweating which in turn cools down the body considerably.

Take a shower before bed

This is one of the most effective ways to combat the summer heat and cool down at night. Most people prefer taking a shower before going to bed. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a cold shower, as even a hot shower can be effective. Just remember to take a shower at least one hour before bed so that the body has enough time to cool down.

Use cooling devices

This is a given, but most people will opt to just switch the air conditioning to high in order to sleep well during summer. If the AC stops working, then simply try and use a fan or a cooler in an efficient way. In that case, make sure to keep your bedroom doors open to allow some cross ventilation.

Get black out curtains

Another highly effective way of fighting the heat at the peak of summer is to black out your windows. You can do this in many ways by either getting black out curtains, or blinds. Once the room is completely dark at night, your sleep pattern will improve for the better and it will greatly increase your overall well-being.

Reach home early

One of the best changes you can make to your summer routine is to reach home earlier than usual. This enables you to finish with the chores for the day and get to bed early as well. Once you follow all the above mentioned tips, you will be able to say goodbye to the summer heat and sleep comfortably.

Getting enough sleep is extremely important in an individual’s life. You can make all the right changes, but you still won’t get a good night’s sleep unless you have the best mattress in Dubai. Shop for your Magniflex mattress today and treat yourself to a comfortable sleep this summer.

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