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Sleep Deprivation Can Affect Your Health: Are We Getting Enough Sleep?

21-August-2019 - Posted By Magniflex Middle East

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Have you ever felt like your eyes are going to shut down at any moment while sitting in front of your computer at work? You might be yawning constantly, and feel annoyed and irritable if you haven’t had enough sleep the previous night.

But have you realized that the more you continue this unhealthy routine, the more it can affect your overall health? Sleep deficit has become an increasingly well known term and it can have a detrimental effect on your entire body. Researchers have claimed that this deficit can not only affect one's physical health but also has an impact on your emotional health as well. While it is okay to have a rough night or sleep less once in a while, regularly missing proper sleep on your mattress at night will adversely affect your health, and even trigger multiple organ failure under extreme cases. Here are some facts on how sleep deprivation can affect one's health:

Appearance and texture of your skin

Have you noticed any changes in your skin lately? If you are getting puffy eyes, dark circles or an overall tired look, then you should definitely get your beauty sleep sorted. The reason why it is called beauty sleep is because your skin can look and feel wonderful when you get those perfect hours of sleep at night on your mattress.

On the other hand, with a lack of sleep, collagen, which is one of the most important components of your skin, breaks down to release cortisol. Elevated levels of cortisol then cause stress and inflammation in the body, leading to skin issues.

Risk of heart diseases

We now know how a lack of sleep is evident on your skin. But did you know that sleep deprivation can adversely affect your heart as well? Sleep deficit makes you more prone to developing heart diseases. During your sleeping hours, the body takes valuable time to help the heart vessels rebuild and heal. When your body doesn't get sufficient sleep, this process is prevented, thus making your body more prone to developing heart diseases and stroke. Lack of sleep also reduces one's ability to maintain healthy blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Certain studies have proved that insomnia is connected to an elevated risk of heart attack and stroke.

Effects on your respiratory health

Another reason to get the right amount of sleep every night is to avoid issues with breathing. Lack of sleep can reduce your ability to breathe properly and makes it difficult as your respiratory organs are affected. Doctors claim that this also increases one's chance of being affected with advanced respiratory diseases. So, if you're a victim of asthma or other respiratory conditions, you should be more careful with your sleeping habits as it may become worse.

Immune system

Are you falling sick more often these days? Maybe you should keep an eye on your sleeping hours. When you get less sleep, your immune system becomes less active and loses its ability to protect you from infections. It is important to get enough sleep as it helps the immune system build antibodies that prevent bacteria and viruses from invading your body.

Are you facing any of the above issues? Then it is high time you change your sleeping habits and get more sleep on a cozy mattress from Magniflex Dubai.

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