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The 10 Commandments of A Healthy Sleep Schedule

13th February , 2020

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A healthy and well-rested mind is nature’s true blessing and one that opens up doors for innovation, creativity, and brilliance. Sleep is required by our bodies and brain regularly in order to recuperate and reinvigorate ourselves everyday.

We at Magniflex are firm believers in the philosophy that a well-rested mind and body is a springboard to success. Ever since Guilano Magni created his first mattress in his tiny workshop in the Italian town of Prato almost six decades ago, the world of comfort and sleep has never been the same.

It was in Prato, long considered as the international capital of fabrics, that Magni had an epiphany, which would ultimately turn into a revolution. Using the universally lauded craftsmanship of the town and combining it with his ground-breaking ideas, he was able to produce the first mattress that focused solely on ensuring comfort, and the rest is history.

With more than 50 million satisfied and loyal customers all over the world, Magniflex has constantly raised the bar in research and innovation that guarantees state of the art production systems. It is no wonder then that when it comes to comfortable mattresses, there is no one as good as Magniflex.

The journey was long and required deep conviction and belief from the entire team as the company grew from a single workshop in Prato in the ‘60s to what it is today. Each consequent day, year, and decade saw the company break new ground with its revolutionary mattresses, conquering foreign markets from Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom to Russia and Japan. Pretty soon, the Magniflex brand was producing more than 10,000 mattresses of the highest quality every single day.

The constant demand to be the highest quality mattress providers resulted in Magniflex having to strategically expand its presence as it responded to the needs of customers. The brand expanded to Asia, Europe, Middle East, and Eastern Europe as it continued to provide high quality foam mattresses to customers everywhere. It was only a matter of time before the company had showrooms all over the world, including Miami, Singapore, Bratislava, Beijing, Shanghai, Prague, Ivory Coast, Rome, Dubai, Osaka, Santo Domingo, Budapest, Nanjing, Bucharest, Medellin, Accra Zagreb, Kiev, Cape Town, Buenos Aires, Abidjan, Shenzhen, Sydney, Cyprus, Tokyo, Milan, Sofia, Manila, Riyadh, Bangalore, and Dongguan. And the brand shows no signs of slowing down. Infact, if you are even looking for the world-leader in orthopaedic mattresses, Magniflex is the market leader that is recommended by doctors as well as patients for its healing and soothing properties.

The brand is all set to venture into newer foreign markets with expected strategic expansions in Kyrgyzstan, Poland, Greece, Turkey, the Dominican Republic, Algeria, Serbia, Macedonia, and Columbia.

Mattresses That Matter

With more than 55 years of trust built through providing a catalogue of 170 products, Magniflex has developed a loyal base of customers in more than 99 countries that rely on it for their care and well-being. It is a testament to the Italian genius and artistic sensibility of the brand that has seen it develop a client base of more than 35 million people from all over the world who vouch for the healing and soothing properties of a Magniflex mattress. The brand is synonymous with comfort and is present in more than 500 top star hotels the world over.

However, having the best mattress in the world still does not ensure a healthy and well-rested mind and body unless you follow these 10 commandments:

1. Get Enough Sleep

When it comes to sleep, it is generally considered healthy to err on the side of excess. In today’s digitized world, we pride ourselves on pulling an ‘all-nighter’. However, in the long run, it can lead to sleep-deprivation and dips in productivity. For a healthy mind and body, sleeping between 7.5 to 9 hours for a grown-up is a must. Once your body and mind are rested, you will see immediate changes in terms of mind-body positivity and energy.

2. Strictly Follow Timings

The key to consistency is following a schedule. Think of sleeping as any other exercise. Just like you go to the gym or workout according to a carefully laid out plan, you need to follow a schedule for sleep as well to ensure your body develops and gets used to a healthy routine.

3. Dim The Lights

There is a reason why our ancestors went to bed as soon as the sun set. This is because sunlight suppresses melatonin, which is crucial to induce sleep. With the advent of technology and the electric bulb, the effect on humans has been prolonged exposure to blue light, which replicates the effects of sunlight. This in turn causes us to stay awake longer, leading to fatigue and over exertion. A healthy practice would be to start dimming the lights an hour before going to bed so that our body can produce the necessary melatonin required to ensure that we conk out as soon as we hit the sack.

4. No Distractions

Once you are in your bed, avoid using laptops, your phone or any sort of electronic devices. These devices also emit the same blue light that inhibits sleep.

5. Get Plenty Of Sunlight

Nothing wakes you up quite like sunlight. Ensure you open your curtains and fill your bedroom with sunlight as soon as you wake up. This suppresses any sleep inducing hormones and makes you alert and ready to tackle on a new day.

Mattresses That Matter

6. No Caffeine

We all need our morning cup of Joe to clear our head and get our day started. However, caffeine is long-lasting and its effects can remain in your system for the next 8 hours. Therefore, while having limited amounts of caffeine is okay, make sure that you allow enough time for all of it to be flushed out of your system before you hit the sack. So a good rule of thumb is to not have any caffeinated beverages post 2 pm.

7. Keep Your Body Clock In Check

We are creatures of habit and everything we do, conditions our body and mind accordingly. So when we stay up late, it messes with our body clock and confuses it. The effect is similar to what happens during jet lag. Therefore, it is suggested that we follow our normal sleep timetable everyday, including weekends, so that we don’t disrupt our body’s sleep schedule.

8. Be Physically Active

We build up so much energy throughout the course of the day that sometimes without any outlet, it disrupts our sleep and keeps us awake. This is why exercise is crucial to a healthy sleep schedule. A well-exercised body and mind help us work our muscles to exhaustion, which then require sleep to rest and rejuvenate. Exercise daily to have a good night’s sleep.

9. Avoid Alcohol

While a drink or two won’t do much harm, regular consumption of alcohol is not recommended. The reason being that even though the effect of passing out might appear to be sleep, the body is still at work, breaking down the alcohol.

10. Make Your Bedroom A Sleep-only Zone

Your bedroom should only be meant for sleeping. Everything in there should be geared towards making you drowsy and relaxing. It should be a sanctuary for the mind and body. Ensure the lighting is dim, the room is quiet, and the temperature is as per your liking.

So while a lot of factors contribute towards a healthy sleep schedule, it is important to practice them in unison. A well-rested body is bound to be more productive and energized as compared to a tired one. So invest in a high-quality mattress and follow a sleep schedule to stay happy and healthy all year round.

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