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The Sleep Diary: 10 Guidelines For A Good Night Sleep

21st May , 2019

Do you remember the last time you got a good night’s sleep?

If falling asleep has become tough lately, there is probably a reason for it. While a lot of people find it hard to sleep due to psychological reasons like stress or anxiety, anything from a low-quality mattress to a heavy dinner could be the reason for elusive sleep.

So, for those of you who are unable to get a good rest due for one reason or another, this blog will provide you with 10 simple guidelines that will help you get proper shut-eye throughout the night.

Let’s take a look:

Make Your Sleep a Priority

People tend to think of sleep as a luxury. They go by the motto “I’ll sleep when I’m dead”. Truth be told, without enough sleep, you are in fact pushing yourself towards an early death. Studies show that sleeplessness compromises your immune system, and increases your chances of heart disease. In short, sleep is not something you can compromise on. So, for once, make it a priority in your day to day life.

Create Your Sleeping Zone

One of the key factors that affect your sleep is the sleeping zone – your bedroom. A suitable temperature is essential for a restful sleep. In general, our brain and body associate cold with tiredness and sleepiness. A slight drop in the body temperature can prompt sleep by making you tired. Try to keep your room at around 60 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit for a peaceful sleep.

Special mattresses that help in your body’s thermoregulation are also available in the market. If you wish for some extra help to keep you well rested, then Magniflex mattresses with Outlast fabric would be a great choice for your sleep woes.

Keep Your Sleeping Patterns Under Check

Are you a restless sleeper? Do you snore? Are you constantly alert and wake up on hearing the slightest of noise? These could be a sign of something more serious like insomnia or sleep apnea. Make note of your irregular sleeping patterns or habits that keep you away from getting some good rest. Consult with a medical professional to understand your situation better.

Keep Screens Away From Bed

An increase in screen time is an evil that controls our generation. All that Netflix binge-watching and Instagram scrolling while in bed can damage your sleep patterns. Research shows that the light emitted from your device can reduce the quality of your sleep. With that in mind, try to stay away from your devices for at least half an hour before you hit the bed.

Your Bed Is Just For Two Things

Remember that your mattress is meant just for two things – sleep and sex. If you have the habit of treating it like your workspace, your brain will mentally associate the mattress as a place to stay awake for work. This can wreak havoc in your sleeping patterns.

Don’t Stay In Bed If You Can’t Doze

If you have trouble falling asleep and feel restless, get out of bed quickly. If you stay put on the bed without sleep, your brain will be fooled once again by mistaking restlessness for sleep. Try moving into a different room or step out onto the balcony for a few minutes to relax your brain before hitting the bed again.

Get Enough Sleep

Not everyone needs 8 hours of sleep. Some people need more sleep than others, while some can live with less. However, the recommended sleeping time for adults is between 7 to 9 hours in total. Try and get into a routine of sleeping for the required amount of time that leaves you feeling fresh in the morning.

Fix Your Sleep Routines

We all tend to stay awake into the wee hours of the morning on weekends with the pretence that we can sleep through the day to make up for it. However, this habit can adversely affect your body’s internal clock. For this reason, it is always a good idea to sleep on time every day and stay on schedule.

Check What You Eat And Drink

If you have the habit of taking a quick nightcap or stuff yourself with a third serving of pudding, it will surely result in a restless sleep. Research shows that alcohol can disrupt the consistency of your sleep, causing you to wake up tired in the morning. Similarly going to bed right after a heavy meal will also cause you to wake up without enough rest. The blood in your body moves to assist with the digestion process while you’re sleeping, which will leave you feeling exhausted the next day.

Control Your Day Time Behaviours

For a lot of people, their daily dose of coffee and afternoon naps are very important. However, this habit can have adverse effects on your sleep patterns. Make sure to limit your afternoon naps to 20-30 minutes and stop your caffeine intake around 7 to 8 hours before you go to bed.

So, there you go, 10 tips to help you sleep better and get the rest you deserve. And if you are searching for the most comfortable mattress in Dubai to supplement your sleep, visit us at Magniflex to find the right one.

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