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Upgrade Your Sleep: Get Yourself An Adjustable Bed

28-September-2019 - Posted By Magniflex Middle East

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We all have different needs when it comes to our mattresses. The choice of our mattress depends a lot on what we perceive as comfortable. Recently, there was an increase in demand for adjustable beds and mattresses in the market. This trend sheds light on each individual’s preferences, making companies create mattresses with a high level of personalization.

Until a few years back, adjustable beds were thought to be a thing made for hospitals and clinics. However today, they are revolutionizing the idea of comfortable sleep.

So why is there a sudden increase in the demand for adjustable beds? Here are the reasons why:

They support and reduce chronic back pain

An adjustable bed comes with a base that allows you to change its inclination, which in turn helps in keeping your spine erect and lower the stress on the hip and back. For example, if you suffer from lower back pain, sleeping with your knees elevated will reduce tension and soreness.

Helps to improve blood circulation

Adjustable beds with head and foot adjusters can help in keeping the legs elevated during sleep. This will help improve the blood flow to the lower regions of the body.

Aids in reducing swellings

If your feet take a lot of strain throughout the day, it can cause them to swell or sprain. Lifting your feet and legs at night with the help of an adjustable bed will provide some much-needed relief.

Reduces snoring and sleep apnea

Sometimes, the muscles in the airways relax and close during sleep, blocking the normal airflow. This blockage causes the tissues to vibrate, leading to a snore. In extreme cases, this blockage can cut off oxygen to the brain, causing an apnea, where the brain signals you to wake up gasping for air. By sleeping with your head slightly raised, you can free up your airways, reducing the chances of snoring and sleep apneas.

Increased convenience

By lifting the head section to a suitable height, you can lounge in the comfort of your mattress to watch a movie or read a book. As the latest models of adjustable bed bases can fit thicker mattress models with latex or memory foam, more and more people are choosing them over regular beds.

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