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Wish Them Goodnight: 4 Sleep Etiquettes To Remember

09-July-2019 - Posted By Magniflex Middle East

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Although we don’t admit it often, most of us simply love sleeping. How can anyone not like it? Sleeping is the one routine in our lives where our body can simply slow down its biological systems and relax without worries for a few hours. A shut eye will ensure that your brain is well-rested and your body has conserved enough energy to tackle the next day. Keeping all the science apart, who doesn’t crave to stretch and lie down in a mattress after a tiring day!

But is a good night of sleep as easy as it sounds? While people think that they can sleep off anywhere at any time, it is not a great practice. Just like buying the best mattress you can find in the market, sleep etiquette is also a very real thing that helps you and others to have a better sleeping experience. While sleep is essential for your body, the best way to make it happen is without making it a cause of trouble for others.

In this blog, we will take a quick look at some of the most important sleep etiquette that will keep you away from troubles and embarrassments and ensure a good night of sleep.

Sleeping while you travel

Sleeping in a public space can be quite tough. While we are ‘not’ supposed to fall asleep in the public, sometimes it is inevitable. For instance, if you are on day-long travel by train or on a 15 hours flight, you will find yourself in need of some sound sleep. However, to go through with this, you need to follow some set of rules.

While sleeping, make sure not to fall into other people’s personal spaces and hinder their comfort. Bring a nightcap and earplugs to cut out light and sound, if it helps you sleep better rather than complaining about crying babies.

Likewise, if your travel mates are trying to sleep, keep your phone on silent and listen to music using an earphone. Don’t let your electronics buzz and make a racket, disturbing them off their sleep. Similarly, it is a good practice to talk slowly over the phone or revert to texting while you are travelling to avoid putting your fellow passengers on a spot.

Dinner Visits

Dinner visits are quite common in our country. However, how often have you reached late and overstayed your welcome? It is good manners to reach your dinner party on time and not overstay after over random chit chats and a boring board game. Talk to your hosts and learn their bed timings so that you can politely excuse yourself and leave, giving them time to sleep as per their routine.

Visiting a newborn

Visiting a newborn and the mother is considered as a gesture of goodwill. While it is good to offer some help to the new mother and gift the newborn something special, try not to overstay on your visit. The mother and the child will be craving for some rest and sleep, which might get disturbed on your visit, however pure your intentions are.

Further, never narrate horror stories of your sleepless nights with children, adding to the worries of an already anxious and sleep-deprived mother. If you are close to the mother, you may help her out by looking out for the baby while she can lie down on a mattress and get some much-needed rest.

Neighbourhoods at night time

For most people, the night is the time to sleep. Late night parties and loud music are not only frowned up in a lot of communities but are illegal in some places. So, make sure to turn down the volume of your music system, and reduce your loud party noises in the after hours. Similarly, loud dishwasher or vacuum machine noises in the early morning during weekends must also be avoided. Be a good neighbour to others, respect their need for some rest and stay silent if you are up and about in the late night or early mornings.

So, are you looking forward to some sound sleep? Start by investing in the best mattress in Dubai. After all, good things come your way when you do good things.

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