Sleep Better

Memoform Pillows

The comfort of Memoform Magnifoam combined
with the freshness of Coolmax.

Memoform PillowsMagniflex's Memoform pillows were developed to provide the same
features and benefits that make our Memoform mattresses so special.

Your pillow is as important as your mattress

Memoform PillowsWe all know the importance of choosing the right mattress for a good night’s sleep, but our
choice of pillow also deserves equal care and attention.

Temperature changes, long periods of sitting with little physical activity, and poor sleep
positioning can all result in cervical, lumbar and posture pain or discomfort. Our choice of
pillow has a decisive role in the fight against these types of pain.

The main function of a pillow is to support the head in order to guarantee greater comfort
during rest. Its shape, thickness and material can noticeably influence the quality of our

There isn't an ideal shape or thickness for everyone, the choice depends upon our own
personal preferences. It is advised to test different types of pillow shapes before
purchasing to check that your spinal cord is in line all the way down, and to avoid incorrect
positioning of the head.

Experts also suggest choosing products that transpire, in order to avoid perspiration
and consequent chills to the neck which can prolong whiplash and cervical pains.

Above all a good pillow must be comfortable and feel just right when we lie on it.

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