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Airyform Technology

At Magniflex, we focus on producing the highest quality spring-free mattresses and sleep products. We extensively research and utilise the most advanced materials and latest technologies to create patented foam cores for all our mattresses. From the highly orthopaedic Elioform to the sensational Memoform, our foams are durable, offer superior support and the very best in comfort.

  • Memoform Magnifoam

    What Is Memoform Magnifoam?

    An extraordinary material that adapts to the shape of your body

    Our bodies are an amazing combination of concave and convex areas with strong yet delicate parts such as the neck, shoulders and back. Memoform Magnifoam, is designed to perfectly fit all areas of the body, reacting to our body’s weight and natural warmth. It adapts to our shape and movements during sleep while the sense of ease, lightness and comfort are immensely pleasurable and relaxing.

    Pressure-free comfort...

    The cell structure of Memoform Magnifoam and its very high density means it can perfectly adapt to the body without exerting pressure on the spine or affecting the lymphatic system and blood circulation. Thus Memoform Magnifoam is Anti-Decubitus so ideal for long-term bed rest.

    What's the difference between Memoform Magnifoam and any other visco-elastic material?

    Normal polyurethanes need more time to regain the original shape because they are too sensitive to heat and can create sunken areas in the mattress. Memoform Magnifoam responds primarily to body pressure rather than heat thus it adapts to the body with extreme precision and regains its original shape in a very short time.

    The benefit of tailored support

    tailored support

    A mattress that is too rigid does not allow the body to lay properly and to maintain its natural curve and can cause compression on the back, spine, shoulders and hips.


    tailored support

    Memoform Magnifoam adapts to the body with 85% accuracy and fills the “empty” areas between the neck, head and along the back curve.

    You’ll soon forget those hot and sticky nights ...

    Our research found that a mattress which is too soft can generate excessive heat. Memoform Magnifoam is able to thermo-regulate the areas in contact between mattress and body, absorbing excess heat and then releasing it only if necessary, creating an ideal micro-climate during the night.

  • memoform

    Airyform Technology

    Distributes body weight in zones and promotes air flow.

    Each part of the body exercises different pressure on the mattress, with areas such as the head, thorax and legs applying more. Without flexible support these areas can remain tense and stop the spine from resting in a natural position, increasing the risk of damage.

    The special Airyform structure enhances the breathable and adaptive properties of Memoform Magnifoam. It also creates an important zonal design in the structure that supports each part of the body according to their varying requirements.

    The 3 zone structure offers targeted support for the head, trunk and legs.

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  • New' Magnigel Foam

    ‘NEW’ Magnigel Foam

    The next generation of freshness and comfort.

    Magnigel is a revolutionary material based on highly breathable and flexible gel.

    How does it differ from other materials?

    Magnigel is extremely fresh and cool, with a scientifically proven capacity to dissipate heat. It has a very high density which makes it soft and incredibly comfortable. The gel composition of Magnigel also facilitates the flow of air into the structure of mattresses and pillows which adds further breathability and keeps the temperature stable throughout the night.

    What difference do mattresses and pillows made from Magnigel offer you?

    An unrivalled feeling of freshness and sensation of dryness on the skin so you can enjoy a stable temperature throughout the night. Magnigel is ecological, crushproof and long-lasting. It helps you relax by providing ideal support for your body.


General Characteristics Of Our Foams

  • Meet different needs

    Meet different needs. We offer versatile options to meet everyone’s different support needs

  • Non deformable

    Non deformable. The high quality of the raw materials used result in a long lasting, non-deformable product.

  • Highly breathable

    Highly breathable. The materials and technology used are designed to give breathability to the mattress and maintain hygiene.

  • Oeko Tex guarantee

    Oeko Tex guarantee. Oeko Tex assures product quality and that our production respects both man and the environment.

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