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  • Magniflex
    we look after
    every part of you
    Magnistretch, the patented mattress from
    Magniflex, stretches your spine as you sleep and is
    endorsed by the American Chirporactic Association.
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  • Magniflex
    Essential, soothing and revitalizing, a key to
    our well-being. Good sleep allows us to live
    life to the full and reflects positively on our
    performance, appearance and health...
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  • Magniflex
    choose the best.
    Just like Gigi Buffon, Magniflex strives for excellence
    every single day. We are dedicated to producing mattresses
    of the Highest Quality for all our customers.
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    GIGI BUFFON – Goalkeeper, Captain, and Legend of the Italian National Football Team.

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