MagniSmartech: The Future of Sleep

A mattress which takes you beyond the world of sleep. The Magnismartech bed system analyses your sleeping patterns, in order to improve your life.

Made in italy

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A bed-system which is technology advanced yet simple to use
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An app to monitor and control sleeping and environmental parameters
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A wide choice of programs to facilitate and improve sleep
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Perfect positioning for varying needs within one bed base


Complete Monitoring for an Informed Rest

MagniSmartech is a bed system that provides information about the way you sleep, in order to better your life. The technology monitors data, such as: sleep quality, heartbeat, respiratory rhythm, movements, body temperature and sleep duration.
MagniSmartech can detect and register in real time, the data related to your room, including the temperature of the room and mattress, the brightness, and noise levels in the surrounding environment.


The Bed System that can Assess the Way You Sleep to Better Your Life

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Sleep quality
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Respiratory rhythm
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Body temperature
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Sleep hours


The Perfect Position

Reading, sleeping, muscle and leg relaxation. A different mattress position for whatever you may need.
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Zero Gravity

The mattress position that optimizes muscle relaxation
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The ideal position to read in comfort
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Perfect for the relaxation of lower limbs
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The techno-ecology of rest

MagniSmartech mattresses are made with OUTLAST fabric, a high quality material with thermoregulating properties, that always guarantees the perfect climate for your rest.

The techno-ecology of rest
Four technologies for the best sleep:

Four technologies for the best sleep:

• Memoform. Anatomic with exceptional
comfort, it adapts to your body shape.
• Magnigel. Breathable gel that always keep
you fresh and dry.
• Latex. Flexible and hypoallergenic, elastic
and natural.
• Elioform. High density orthopaedic foam
for a more stable support.

Four technologies for the best sleep:

Easy to use technology for your rest

A Perfect Night’s Rest Within the Reach of an App

I care

Monitor the sleep quality of the people you care about with “Icare”. With the App it becomes possible to consult real time data related to room temperature and other parameters of your body, such as heartbeat and respiratory rhythm.

The right light for relaxation

Within this section of the app you can access manual chromotherapy options or surprise yourself and discover pre-set programs designed for you by Magniflex to live a 360° immersive experience.
Spring Free Mattresses In Dubai, UAE
Spring Free Mattresses In Dubai

My Sleep

With My Sleep, it is possible to process data related to your rest and your room for a set reference period and analyse the registered sessions. One advantage of MagniSmartech is the ability to send suggestions on how to improve the quality of your rest based on the identified data.


The Habits section allows you to enter habits related to your rest, so that the system can understand your preferences.

Not Only Sleep

A smart bed that becomes your partner in wellbeing.


The sensors detect when snoring begins and activates a change in posture to prevent it from continuing.


It is possible to choose light diffusion in varying colors to foster a profound and personalized relaxation.

Alarm Clock

It is possible to program different types of alarm. The most subtle use vibrations, chromotherapy and position change.

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