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Everything you need to know when buying a mattress in Dubai

Made in Italy

Magniflex mattresses are made in Italy, using Italian materials.

Many international mattress brands in the UAE manufacture their mattresses locally. Magniflex has remained true to its roots by using Italian materials and by carrying out the entire manufacturing process in Italy. We are able to serve the UAE market due to our vacuum packing technology which guarantees the mattress reaches you in the same condition as when it left our factory in Italy.

Unlike most mattresses available in the UAE, Magniflex specialise in spring free mattresses. Spring mattresses tend to exert upward pressure on the body with the potential to create discomfort through the night. Rather than your body having to adapt to springs, Magniflex mattresses are designed to adapt to your body-shape.

Springs can also lose their tensile strength over time, meaning that spring mattresses can lose their shape and sag after a period of time. Magniflex spring free mattresses are made with patented foams that are extremely durable and designed to keep their shape for many years.

No, even though our mattresses are of the highest quality and made in Italy, our prices are very competitive compared with other mattress brands in the UAE.

Please contact the Showroom for details of offers or promotions we currently have.

The materials from which a mattress is made is far more important than the thickness. Some low quality mattresses can be extremely thick due to large springs and substandard foams. Magniflex mattresses consist of high quality, durable, and patented foams so even our thinner mattresses provide correct support for your body. The minimum recommended thickness is 16cm.

This common misconception is incorrect. Magniflex mattresses offer correct support regardless of comfort level or price. The level of softness or firmness is a question of preference. Whether your Magniflex mattress is soft or hard, it will give you the same correct back support you need.

Compared to other memory foam mattresses, the patented Memoform formula by Magniflex, responds mainly to the pressure of the body rather than to body heat. Our Memoform range also features mattresses with Coolmax or Outlast fabrics designed to keep you at a comfortable temperature.

Focus on finding a mattress that suits your comfort and quality preferences. When shopping for a mattress, take your time and don’t be shy. You can’t judge support and comfort by sitting on an edge or lying down for just a few seconds. Lie on the bed the way that you sleep, and if you sleep with a partner, try shopping with them so you can decide together. Shop at a store that you know and trust, and offers the service you desire. Read as much information about the company and products as is available. Remember, buy the best mattress that you can afford.

Children’s bodies aren’t just always moving, they’re always changing, and through all of those changes, their growing bodies need support. Don’t skimp when buying a new sleep set for your baby or child. With a Magniflex Baby Bamboo or other Magniflex mattresses youngsters will get the support their developing bodies need along with a completely safe and hypo-allergenic sleeping environment.

Magniflex recommends the use of wooden slatted bedbases, as these allow air to circulate through the mattress freely, helping with transpiration of the mattress. The transpiration process ensures greater hygiene and a healthier environment, ideal for people who suffer from allergies or respiratory problems.

Plan for a size that is sufficiently large, that way you will avoid your feet sticking out over the end of the mattress or your pillow falling down while you sleep! If you are going to replace your existing mattress with a new one using your current bed, take the measurements of the internal area of the bed, where the mattress should be. If you are in any doubt please contact us, and we’ll be happy to send our team around to measure your bed for you.

Certain Magniflex mattresses and all our pillows feature a removable and washable cover as indicated on each product page. Please follow the washing instructions carefully.

Due to the durability of our foams it is not necessary to turn the mattress, and In fact some of our models are designed to be used on one side only. For double sided mattresses you may turn your mattress to ensure equal distribution of use.

Neo Living aim to deliver your mattress within 24 hours of your order depending on your location and subject to availability of either a vacuum packed or unrolled mattress. As our mattresses are made in Italy but held in stock in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, there is no need to wait for days to sleep on your new Magniflex mattress.

If you need your mattress immediately, there is also the option to collect your vacuum packed mattress from the Magniflex showroom depending on availability.

If you find that the standard sizes held in stock do not fit your bed frame then Magniflex can make special size mattresses to order. Please allow at least 8 to 10 weeks for delivery to account for production and shipping time to the UAE.

Unfortunately once opened the mattress cannot be vacuum packed again.

All Magniflex mattresses come vacuum packed which makes transport a breeze! After the mattress has been opened it cannot be rolled again. However many models are highly flexible, particularly those comprised of Memory Foam. They can be bent up to 90 degrees without damaging the inner core which makes it easier to enter tight spaces.

Unfortunately many companies claim to manufacture medical mattresses as there is no official definition of what a medical mattress is. Certain Magniflex mattresses have been recognised as Medical Devices in Italy but we refrain from calling ours medical mattresses. All Magniflex mattresses are designed to provide correct support for your body and with your health and well-being in mind.

The warranty varies with each model but Magniflex offer warranties from 10-15 years across our range of mattresses.

For more details please visit: Extend Warranty

In certain cases we can remove your old mattress. Please check with the Magniflex showroom in advance and please note there may be an additional charge for this service.

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