An Exploration On How Memoform Improves Circulation

21st December , 2021

Sleep is one of the most important factors that affects how well our body functions. When we sleep, our brains and bodies are able to recharge and restore to their most optimal functions. With proper rest, the brain is able to keep new information and get rid of unnecessary ones, aiding in improved overall brain function. Simultaneously, our body is able to repair and renew cells, conserve and gain energy, and release helpful chemical bodily substances such as hormones and proteins. Our emotional and mental health is also greatly affected by how much we sleep – getting proper rest helps the functions of the brain that balance our emotions. 


Experts recommend getting at least seven to nine hours of sleep for adults and even longer for infants and children. Prolonged inability to get proper sleep could lead to several health issues such as obesity and hypertension or to more serious ones like diabetes, heart disease and stroke. An important but commonly overlooked factor in getting a good night’s rest is the quality of the bed a person sleeps in. Old, deformed mattresses could result in poor circulation, lack of sleep, and respiratory and skin allergies. If you’re experiencing any of these issues, you might be due for a mattress replacement.


What mattress type should you invest in?


If you’re waking up with aches in different parts of your body, you might want to look into a memory foam mattress.


The memory foam is a type of material originally invented by NASA in the mid-1960s for its astronauts. It is extremely soft and very adaptive to a person’s shape and weight. It effectively molds into the contours of the body and restores its shape once the weight is removed.


A high quality memory foam mattress should help alleviate neck and back aches from misalignment and pains in common pressure points in the shoulders and the hips.


What is the Memoform?


The memoform is a memory foam material that gives incomparable support and comfort. It instantly reacts to a person’s body curves and weight. Its shape-adapting technology works by taking the brunt of a person’s body weight when lying down, giving ample support to the back and neck without putting additional tension to the spine. Its ability to restore its shape at once helps in providing uninterrupted sleep despite any tossing and turning through the night.


How is it made?


The memoform is composed of high-density open cells that support air flow inside the mattress. This technology ensures that the mattress can perfectly adapt to the natural lines of the body and provide more-than-adequate support for the spine and the joints. The open cells also aid in shifting heat away from the body while you sleep.


How does it work?


Memoform creates an area of zero gravity between the body and the mattress, significantly lessening the pressure that causes those pesky morning aches. This material is unaffected by temperature changes that transpire during sleep, securing you a full night of comfortable, undisturbed sleep.


Can Memoform improve circulation?


The memoform’s ability to respond to the body’s curves help in eliminating pressure that causes pain. The phenomenal cushioning helps in reducing constriction on the blood vessels, effectively helping in proper blood flow around the body. Good circulation promotes longer, deeper sleep as it won’t be interrupted by constant shifting due to strains on a particular sleeping position. It also reduces risk of strains, numbness, and pins-and-needles on the body.


Achieving good sleep is not as complicated as you think it is. If you’re constantly fatigued, distracted, and experiencing all sorts of aches throughout the day, investing in a new, good quality mattress might just solve your woes. Take time in gathering the right information to know the right one for you and schedule that quick trip to the store for that well-deserved, uninterrupted slumber.

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