Bedroom Maintenance: Essentials You Must Have

15th August , 2021

We spend around one-third of our life sleeping, and that is exactly why a clean and well-maintained bedroom is an essential component of a healthy lifestyle. Keeping the mattress and the overall bedroom clean will greatly add to the quality of sleep. Here are some essential aspects to consider regarding the maintenance of the bedroom.

Mattress and Apparel Maintenance

Many contaminants are invisible to our eyes. With time, bedrooms tend to get dusty and filled with mites and other microorganisms that find space in our mattresses. Mattresses also attract dead skin, sweat, dust mites, stains, and sometimes even little bugs that easily go unnoticed. The existence of microorganisms and dust will result in a disruptive sleep cycle, chronic respiratory illnesses, and related diseases. 

This necessitates regular and consistent cleaning of the mattress and changing bed sheets periodically. Using a mattress protector from the start will go a long way in protecting mattress hygiene. However, keep in mind that the mattress still requires regular dusting and occasional cleaning. Special mattresses like orthopedic mattresses will come with their own set of maintenance techniques. If a mattress is being used, it is highly recommended to be well-maintained and kept clean from bodily contaminants. 

It is suggested that all mattresses and accessories should be vacuumed at least once in three months. It is suggested that the bedsheets and pillow covers are changed once a week, and the whole pillow be cleaned at least once in three to four months. 

Healthy Lighting

A bedroom should have the right lighting and environment to facilitate faster and longer sleep. Usually, curtains are used to keep the room dim and insulated from external light. However, it is recommended that the curtains be opened at least once a day in order to let the sunlight in for a period. The radiation contained in sunlight has the potential to kill unhealthy microorganisms and bacteria. The room should be adequately lit with bedside lamps and other lighting equipment so that the room is only darkened when it is time to sleep. This helps in developing a lasting sleep routine. 

Clean Floor

The importance of a clean floor in the bedroom cannot be overstated. Just like keeping the mattress clean periodically, the floor of the bedroom should also be kept clean on a regular basis. Other than the general sanitation of the floor, investing in a floor rug will keep the floor warm and comfortable upon waking up after cold nights. The rug should also be dusted regularly.

Right temperature

Maintaining the right bedroom temperature is also a key aspect of overall bedroom maintenance. The bedroom should not be too cold, and yet it should not be too warm either. Having an appropriate air conditioner or a radiator to cool down or heat up the room suitably would be a great help. Experts also say that it is easier to fall asleep in a cool room. Even in the absence of devices, ensuring proper ventilation or insulation will help keep the bedroom at a temperature that is conducive to sleep. 

Investing in proper equipment like a vacuum cleaner and an air conditioner to ensure that the bedroom is clean and comfortable will significantly enhance the quality and duration of sleep. 

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