Choosing The Right Mattress Can Boost Your Immune System

16th March , 2021

The entire world has gone through a very tumultuous year, and we are all recovering from the effect that the coronavirus has brought about. Our daily activities, which include work and rest, have all gone through changes. Getting the right amount of sleep at night on a comfortable mattress is the best way to improve our immunity. During this time of a global pandemic, having an excellent immune system will thwart viruses that attempt to enter the body. Let’s take an in-depth look at the role which mattresses play in giving us a proper sleep cycle, thus improving our immunity:

Proper Sleep Will Increase Immunity

The right mattress can help you get a night full of shut-eye, which relaxes the entire body and removes anxiety. An uncomfortable mattress will inevitably lead to a continuous buildup of stress, which will directly affect the amount of sleep we get. Sleep deprivation at night may result in a person being extremely tired and drowsy the next day. The lack of sleep tends to build up over the week, which will negatively affect life quality. When you get a good night’s rest, your body’s immune system is ready to ward off against something as small as a common cold virus or something severe like COVID-19. By purchasing a mattress, it is possible to sleep undisturbed, thereby increasing immunity.

What Happens During Our Sleep

We may feel that when someone sleeps, the body is at complete rest and does not do any major functions. This is far from the truth as the body works overtime during the night to repair and recalibrate the organs, tissues, and cells. While we are asleep, the immune system releases T cell cytokines, which target infections and inflammation. During the time we rest, the human body’s immune system has a much-needed chance to regroup, and proper sleep plays a significant part in this. When a person sleeps on an orthopedic mattress that supports the lumbar region of the spine, it helps get quality sleep, which builds immunity.

Replace Old Mattresses

The circadian rhythm of someone who sleeps on an old or worn-out mattress will be irregular, hence affecting how much sleep one can get through the night. Older adults and children are at the highest risk of low immunity, along with those who present previous medical conditions. When a person sleeps on an old mattress that has seen wear and tear, they tend to toss and turn throughout the night, which reduces the hours of sleep one gets. This can lead to disturbed sleep and high fatigue levels, thus inhibiting the body from building immunity. The production of cytokines in the bodies of those people who do not get enough sleep during the night reduces considerably. Without a healthy immune system, we are at risk of various diseases that can otherwise be prevented.

Less Stress Means Better Immunity

Buying a mattress will ensure that you get complete rest and relaxation throughout the night. Along with regularizing your sleep cycle, the mattress will help reduce backaches and pain that has been plaguing you by providing a better sleep posture. The mattresses available at Magniflex cradles your back while evenly supporting your body. This makes sure that there is no unnecessary stress on any particular area. Once you bid farewell to chronic aches and recurring pain, you will be able to sleep better and for longer times. The immune system will repair itself during this period, and your body will be healthier than ever.

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