Does Your Toddler Refuse To Nap? You Might Be Using The Wrong Mattress

8th September , 2021

Sleep time is essential for your child’s mental and physical development. Toddlers can be very active during the daytime. Taking naps is crucial for developing brain functions. Not all toddlers will show signs of wanting an afternoon nap, but there can be another reason other than playtime why your child is refusing to nap. Like adults, children require a comfortable and peaceful rest time.

The right mattress for your toddler will help them rest comfortably and relaxed. Children adapt to different sleeping patterns and positions; therefore, it is necessary to make sure that their mattress suits their needs. The mattress should support their growth and provide enough room for movement. A mattress equipped with breathable fibre ensures your toddler’s movements to be safe. This article will guide you in buying a mattress for your toddler.

Look for a Firm Mattress

Children have the habit of tossing and turning in bed. They require a firm mattress that ensures back support while they are asleep. It is vital that the mattress you choose provides the adequate spinal support that your child needs as they will be spending 8-10 hours a day in bed. As your toddler rests, their spine develops and should be in a neutral position to minimise stress and excess pressure. A comfortable mattress helps promote restorative sleep cycles.

Pay attention to the features of the mattress

If your toddler has sensitive skin with frequent encounters with allergic reactions, you should choose a mattress that is resistant to allergies. The hypoallergenic, synthetic materials are designed to prevent dust mites and bacteria from building up within the layers of the mattress, which provides relief and a good amount of sleep for your toddler. Gaining some insight into the kind of material that has been used for your toddler’s mattress will prevent you from investing in a basic, low-quality mattress. 

Observe the sleeping position of  your toddler 

Your child’s sleeping position and posture play a crucial role when buying the best bed mattress. If your child is a stomach sleeper occupying half the crib space, this implies that the mattress you choose has to be appropriately larger. 

Consider safety and security 

When you search for a new mattress for your toddler, check if the edges of the mattress support their different movements. The overall design of your child’s bed should be with rounded corners and smooth threading that would provide your toddler with the comfort needed for a disruptive sleep. It is good to avoid mattresses with sharp edges that could limit your toddler’s playtime in bed.

Evaluate the durability of the mattress 

Children tend to jump on their bed frequently, and as a result, the right choice of mattress should be able to withstand the excessive weight. A mattress that has higher durability promises longer usage.

Good sleep quality plays an essential role in the health and wellbeing of a child. Choosing an adequate mattress can protect your toddler and provide them with a comfortable sleep environment without any interruptions.

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