Elegance And Comfort: Magni 9 Offers Everything You Need In A Mattress

14th November , 2020

There is an ongoing debate on how to measure a good night’s sleep. Some people argue that sleep quality matters most, while others contend that it is the quantity that individuals need to focus on. To feel your absolute best when waking up every morning, you have to balance both sleep quality and quantity aptly. 

When you achieve the perfect harmony of both, you’ll be able to get the most out of restorative sleep – which means having a well-rested night and feeling rejuvenated the next morning. No matter what people agree or disagree on, there’s one thing that’s central to getting a good rest, and that is the quality of the mattress. 

Why Invest In A Good Mattress?

To reap the optimal benefits of your night’s rest, you need to have a mattress that provides you with maximum comfort and functionality. We spend more than half of our lives sleeping, and it’s only right to invest in a high-quality mattress to get the best sleep possible.

Having an excellent orthopedic mattress will also help save you money in the long run as these mattresses are durable and can last you a long time. It not only promotes comfort but also helps you improve your immune system by achieving a recuperative rest. 

Features Of A Quality Mattress

It is critical to know what to look for when searching for a quality mattress to invest in. Below are a few of the features you should watch out for: 


There are different degrees of firmness when it comes to mattresses. It is essential to look for the one that can provide you with proper body support and spine alignment. Most people find medium firmness the best option for their personal preferences. However, as our bodies are different, it is still essential to understand our comfort level to determine what kind of mattress density is best for our needs also differs from person to person.

Make/ Materials Used

Mattresses come in different materials from memory foam, inner-spring, gel, and hybrid to a combination of different materials. It is hard to argue which materials are best in providing a good sleep as there are many aspects to consider when choosing the optimal material. Ultimately, everything comes down to individual likes and dislikes. 


A top-grade orthopedic or foam mattress should last you long, and it should be durable enough and constructed with the best materials to allow you to have a comfortable and quality sleep for the next ten years or more. All in all, invest in a durable mattress that will stay strong and firm for optimum rest. 

The Magni 9 Mattress

For individuals and families looking to get a mattress that combines elegance, durability, and functionality, the Magni 9 mattress is a perfect choice. An elegant orthopedic mattress from Magniflex’s Classico collection, the exclusive design features an Elioform core with a Memoform padded Viscose fabric. It is ideal for those who prefer firm orthopedic support with a responsive sleeping surface. 

The Elioform core ensures correct positioning of the spine and limbs during sleep, while Memoform adapts to the body’s shape and eliminates pressure points. This characteristic helps regulate proper blood circulation and inhibit swelling, which can otherwise happen with a firm mattress. 

Magni 9 is hypoallergenic and crafted using high-grade materials to ensure a healthy night’s sleep that truly assures comfort and high breathability. Finally, it features a stitched Viscose fabric cover, a soft fabric made from purified cellulose extracted from trees that is soft to touch, absorbent, and anti-static. 

With the Magni 9, you can get everything you need in a mattress and more. Visit us at Magniflex and try it for yourself today. 

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