Exploring The Benefits Of Mattress Toppers

7th November , 2021

You’re not you when you’re sleep deprived. Studies have shown that poor sleeping habits lead to various health complications such as obesity, hypertension, diabetes, heart disease – the list goes on. Getting adequate, quality sleep on the regular is vital to take on the tasks of the day properly. Sleep quality can be improved through a combination of proper diet, regular exercise, and a good sleep schedule. If you check all the boxes and the attempt still proves unsuccessful – perhaps, a nice, comfortable mattress topper is the answer.

A mattress topper is a thick extra layer that goes on top of a mattress. Its main purpose is to provide additional cushioning for the body to provide comfort. It also extends the life of a mattress. On average, a mattress is recommended to be replaced every seven years. This subsequent decline in quality made way for the production of mattress toppers. They come in many different sizes, thicknesses, and materials that cater to different needs. The most popular types are cotton and polyester-blend, latex, wool, feather, and memory foam. The memory foam topper is the most recommended due to its shape-adapting technology designed to mold to the contours of the body. This innovation promotes the feeling of ease and relaxation for the muscles and the spine.

Why should you invest in a good quality mattress topper?

It provides extra comfort.

Good lumbar support is essential in achieving peaceful, uninterrupted rest. A quality topper from MagniFlex is equipped with Memoform padding that provides extra cushioning that your back deserves. The additional layer offers ample support to your body, relieving pressure for a restful slumber.

A lucrative investment.

A simple trick to prolonging your mattress is by simply flipping it. But when one, two, maybe three flips can’t do the job anymore, perhaps purchasing a new one is the solution. However, switching mattresses time and time again can very quickly break the bank. That’s where toppers come in – they can slow the eventual wear of your mattress by taking pressure off its layers, increasing its longevity significantly. Investing on a quality topper might just delay that trip to the store and save you big bucks.

The perfect fit.

The ideal sleep set-up includes the temperature that is just right, a refreshing scent, a relaxing playlist, and most importantly – the perfect bed. You can light the most expensive candles or put on the most luxurious masks, but a low-grade mattress will still keep you tossing and turning the whole night. Save yourself from the body aches and get a high-quality mattress topper that works for any sleeping position. It should adapt to the form of the body, perfectly providing that warm, snug comfort that will ensure you’ll wake up fresh and energized. 

A clean bill of health.

A top-notch topper not only saves you from body pains, but it should also protect you from bacteria and viruses while you sleep. A sanitary mattress topper should be able to provide a cover that is removable and washable, preventing germs from thriving. Enjoy a worry-free slumber, your comfort and protection guaranteed.

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