FAQs: Does Quality Or Quantity Matter When It Comes To Your Sleeping Cycle?

27th April , 2021

For many generations, doctors usually suggested that a person must get at least eight hours of sleep at night for a healthy mind and body. In recent times, however, sleep specialists have begun to realize that merely the quantity of sleep is not enough, and how much quality one gets from their rest is of importance as well. When a person gets a full night’s rest that is a perfect balance of quality and quantity, they wake up refreshed and relaxed to attend to their daily activities.

Core body functions like decision-making and memory are improved when someone sleeps well, and they will be in a better mood throughout the next day. Tasks that require hand-eye coordination like driving will be greatly enhanced, and the person will be able to perform their work duties to full potential. In contrast, if one does not get enough sleep (both quality and quantity) during the night, it can result in them being prone to health issues like cardiovascular conditions, diabetes, obesity, and even depression. In this blog, let us attempt to delve into why quantity and quality of sleep must both be in the right balance to attain optimum bodily functions.

Sleep Quantity

It is interesting to note that a person’s quantity of sleep is directly impacted by how much quality sleep they get. To mention an example, if someone gets ten hours of poor and disturbed sleep, it will not be the same as when they manage to sleep uninterrupted for seven hours. To ensure that you get the right quality of sleep every night, a few points must be considered. First and foremost, you must purchase the best mattress so that you will be able to rest comfortably and wake up refreshed.

Along with this, the temperature in the room must be pleasant, and the lighting should be dimmed so as not to affect the sleep cycle. Also, it is best to stay away from stimulants such as nicotine and caffeine before you get ready for sleep. As a rule of thumb, it is always best for an adult to get at least seven to nine hours of sleep at night. For teenagers, this number might come down or increase depending on their daily activity. Every individual is different, and because of this, you must decide how well you can carry out your daily tasks on the amount of sleep you get before deciding on the quantity.

Sleep Quality

Certain indications decide whether a person gets a good quality sleep through the night. Firstly, the individual must fall asleep within a half-hour of getting into bed, and they must be sleeping for at least 85% of the time they spend lying down. Better quality sleep is also achieved when you do not wake up in between sleep or toss and turn around while sleeping. To maintain sleep quality, it is a great idea to invest in a good mattress for uninterrupted rest. The quantity of sleep you get every night is important, and it will affect your health directly. However, if you lie down for eight hours at night without falling into a deep sleep, it is not a good practice at all. One must hope to strike the perfect balance between high quality and a good quantity of sleep.

Deep Sleep

In most healthy people, they get around an average of 15% to 22% of deep sleep in which the body restores itself. This amount will decrease along with age, and as a person gets older, it becomes difficult to maintain deep sleep. During deep sleep, the brain recuperates and detoxifies itself while collecting memories to be stored. Along with this, our body’s immune system uses this time to function better the next day. When a person does not get enough deep sleep, it negatively affects the learning process and impacts their emotions. The body’s metabolism is also regularized during the night, and therefore, one must get a sufficient amount of deep sleep.

REM Sleep

REM or Rapid Eye Movement sleep occurs during the fifth stage of our night’s rest, and it is at this time that we dream. The benefit of dreaming is that we make refragment our core memories while REM sleep is activated. The healthy levels of REM sleep average about 22% of a person’s sleep schedule, and a higher level may indicate depression in some individuals. An advantage of having a proper amount of REM sleep is that the part of our brain which activates a sense of fear is neutralized to some extent. The brain is most active during REM sleep, and the heart rate tends to increase along with breathing patterns. To make sure you get an appropriate amount of REM sleep, it is a good idea to buy a mattress that supports your spine and body well.

Right Combination

To be active after a night of sleeping and be at your best performance throughout the day, you must balance sleep quality with quantity. If you manage to get only six hours of sleep, you will be fatigued at work or school, and your mind will not function at full capacity. In the same way, if you happen to get enough sleep but the quality is low (waking up in between, tossing, and turning), then it is possible that your motor skills will be affected, and you will be drowsy during the daytime. Therefore, it is necessary to manage a good amount of sleep with the right quality to restore your brain and body, and your body is well-rested.

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