Fiaba 4: Learn All About The Mattress That Is A Perfect Fit For Your Newborn

21st November , 2020

In general, babies spend around 15 to 18 hours of a day getting restful sleep. A good night’s rest is essential for newborns as they are amidst the process of developing their bodies. In fact, the first six months are crucial for babies as these are the months where they establish their sleeping pattern, which they will carry on for the following months and eventually years to come. This is part of the reason why giving your baby the best sleep possible by providing them with an excellent foam mattress is vital. 

In today’s post, we will discuss the importance of sleep safety for babies and why the Fiaba 4 mattress from Magniflex is the best fit for all their needs. 

Providing A Safe Sleep

Every parent knows how fundamental sleep is for their newborns. Giving them sound sleep is just as important as ensuring they gain it in a safe sleeping environment. This is specifically important in reducing the risk of various sleep hazards that newborns are vulnerable to, including SIDS or sudden infant death syndrome.

One of the responsibilities of parents is to practice safe sleeping practices to ensure their babies sleep soundly. One way of doing this is by letting them sleep in a quality crib with the right mattress to ensure the perfect stability of the baby’s spine and optimal body support. 

Parents should also understand that newborns should sleep in their backs to prevent them from experiencing suffocation or strangulation. Let’s discuss further what mattress is the best choice for your newborn. 

What Constitutes The Right Mattress For Your Baby?

Babies need to sleep on a firm, flat, and high-quality foam mattress. Soft surfaces are not ideal for babies as they can conform or indent their head shape and potentially impact brain development. Sleeping on such a mattress increases the chances of them breathing in their exhaled air, which is mostly carbon dioxide. 

A soft mattress also increases the risk of suffocation when the baby naturally turns over in its sleep. The perfect mattress for babies should be rigid enough to ensure maximum back support, offer breathability, and provide the benefits of a hypoallergenic environment. All these qualities are available in Magniflex’s Fiaba 4 mattress. 

The Fiaba 4

When it comes to providing products that guarantee your baby’s comfort and safety, the Fiaba 4 tops the list. Our Fiaba 4 mattress is made with anti-suffocation, high-tech soft viscose fiber that perfectly dissipates moisture while also making the material breathable. It is composed of high-density magnifoam that has a micro-cellular structure that provides optimal orthopedic and spinal support for your baby.

The Fiaba 4 mattress is also thermoregulating – meaning it helps maintain the body’s core temperature, keeping your baby from feeling too warm. This orthopedic mattress is also OEKO-TEX Class 1 certified, which guarantees the total absence of toxic substances that can harm the environment that your baby spends their days and nights within. 

Learn more about the Fiaba 4 mattress from our staff at Magniflex. Visit us at the Magniflex showroom to talk to our experts today.

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