Foam Vs Spring Mattresses: Which Is Better For Your Family?

7th August , 2022

What is a Spring Mattress?

Your health and wellbeing depend on you having the best mattress in Dubai. The amount and quality of sleep you get will largely depend on where you sleep. Sleep is an important time for our bodies to rest and heal.

Spring mattresses were the industry standard for a long time, but the bedding market has changed. The invention of memory foam and its widespread commercial use are largely responsible for this change.

The foundation of spring mattresses is an antiquated concept in which springs are encased in a layered cushioned framework. Your body rests on these cushions, which serve as the foundation. The main drawback of this strategy is that it makes people less comfortable.

The body resting on top of the cushioned surface will feel a certain amount of pressure from the support springs as they push back. This shows up as increased and uneven pressure on specific body parts while you sleep, which could result in poor blood flow and muscle aches.


What is a Memory Foam Mattress?

The use of memory foam dates back to the 1960s. The material was developed by NASA to increase astronaut safety. It was previously reserved for the space program but is now accessible to everyone.

Memory foam is a viscoelastic variety of polyurethane foam. This synthetic material can mold when put under pressure because it has tiny crevices where air can get trapped (almost like a sponge). After the pressure is released, the foam takes on its original shape.

Memory foam responds to temperature as well. It softens when heated, and when exposed to cold, its structure stiffens and becomes more rigid.

Mattresses made of memory foam and springs offer varying degrees of support, pressure relief, and comfort. Both types have benefits and drawbacks, so picking one depends typically on personal preference.


Firmness Levels

Mattresses with springs and memory foam can be found in a variety of firmness levels. But innerspring mattresses are a little firmer than those made of memory foam. As a result, innerspring beds are preferable for people who require a little more support. Although memory or other types of foam may be layered several times in innerspring beds, these mattresses are typically firmer than all-foam beds.

Because memory foam absorbs pressure and motion, it has almost no bounce. As there will be no motion transfer, this is advantageous for couples with different sleeping schedules. Contrarily, innerspring beds bounce no matter what firmness level you select. Excellent mobility is made possible by this, which combination sleepers should particularly value.


Isolating motion

Regardless of the firmness setting you select, memory foam beds are excellent for motion isolation. Couples might prefer memory foam over innerspring beds because they perform less well in this area. However, compared to conventional innerspring units, innerspring mattresses with individually-pocketed coils will provide greater motion isolation.


Cooling Effect

Due to its density, memory foam is known to overheat at night. For hot sleepers, the material may not be the best choice because it absorbs and traps heat. Although some brands use gel to help with heat dissipation and maintain the cooling of the bed layers. Coils in innerspring mattresses encourage airflow, so they typically don’t have this issue.

Most sleepers should be comfortable on memory foam mattresses in Dubai, especially side sleepers and couples. A good memory foam bed should alleviate the pressure buildup issue that side sleepers frequently experience. These beds have body contouring and sinkage to relieve pressure points. 

For back and stomach sleepers who need more support, firmer memory foam models should be suitable. To avoid overheating, hot sleepers interested in these beds should look for memory foam that has been infused with gel. Last but not least, memory foam does a great job of reducing motion transfer for better rest, which is great for couples who are frequently awakened by their partner’s movements.

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