How to Test a New Mattress at Home or in the Store

14th November , 2022

The quality of your mattress can have a variety of effects on your physical and mental health, so make sure you get the right one for all of your requirements. Whether you buy in-store or online, you must test out your future bed base before purchasing. We’ll go over a few simple tips for testing a mattress before buying to ensure you get the marshmallow-soft springiness, cool temperature control, and dependable back support you’ve been looking for.

How to Determine if a Mattress is Good Quality

A good mattress is essential for getting a good night’s sleep. Consider the following factors for your bed base when testing bedtime contenders:


Latex, memory foam, and innerspring mattresses are among the materials used to make mattresses. Overall, memory foam mattresses are regarded as the most comfortable materials because they conform to your body type and provide a snug sleep. However, if you want a mattress that will last for a long time, a resilient latex mattress may be the best option. They’re also bouncy, so you won’t sink if you need more support and pressure relief. An innerspring mattress is the firmest, but it is not as plush as other mattress types.


Some people prefer a warm bed, while others require constant cooling to achieve deep sleep. To ensure a cool slumber, inspect your sleeper mattress for any cooling features.

Research Mattress Types

Starting your mattress shopping journey without the proper knowledge is a sure way to fail. Before you begin shopping, educate yourself on the various options and their benefits and drawbacks. Make sure to measure your space as well, so you don’t end up cramming a king-sized bed into a space that couldn’t even fit a full-sized bed. 

Though our mattress experts are always happy to answer questions and help you find your perfect fit, if you’ve done your research on mattress sizes, price points, and types, you’re more likely to walk away with a bed you love.

Find the Firmness that Suits You

The best way to determine a mattress’ firmness is to try it on at the store. It is recommended that you lie down on the mattress for at least 15 minutes in your most comfortable sleeping position at home. This should give you a good idea of whether or not this is the right mattress for you. Firmness, on the other hand, is highly subjective and difficult to quantify. As a result, it’s critical to test out a mattress in a store and determine its overall comfort level based on how it feels.

Check for Your Sleeping Style

Back, side, and stomach sleepers will all require different types of support in different areas. While shopping, make sure the mattress has the proper balance of comfort and reinforcement for your sleeping style.

If you sleep on your back, try lying down and sliding your hand under the small of your back to test a potential mattress. It should be challenging, but not impossible. If your hand slides easily behind your back, the mattress is probably too firm; if your hand won’t budge at all, the mattress is probably too soft.

Try to Sleep on It

To truly determine whether a potential new mattress will provide support and comfort in all the right places, you must sleep on it. You cannot simply touch, sit on, or lie down on it. You won’t truly understand how a mattress affects you until you allow your muscles to relax and rest as they would while sleeping. So, when you start looking for a mattress, give yourself plenty of time to browse our store, and bring your partner with you! Just because a mattress is supportive enough for one person does not imply that it will be as comfortable with two people on the bed.

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