leeping Essentials: A Helpful Guide To Regulating Your Circadian Rhythm

8th October , 2021

Our bodies operate on an internal timekeeping system called the “circadian clock”, which puts a time cycle in our bodies – when we wake up, feel hungry, become productive, when we fall asleep, and do other bodily activities. 

With all the societal stressors we have to deal with daily, keeping the right circadian rhythm, especially at night, can be a challenge. Similarly, not having the best bed mattress for you can be a hurdle in your sleeping schedule. On that note, here is a quick and easy-to-read guide for when you have a messed up body clock and want to get back to your regular 24-hour cycle: 

Natural lighting

One possible reason you are not getting the best sleep at night could be the lack of natural light exposure. Further, most people are often glued to their phone screens or laptops from day until the night. The longer you expose yourself to blue light, the longer the delay in your body’s melatonin production. If you want to reset your body clock, we suggest limiting your screen time and resting your eyes before you sleep to get maximum results. We also recommend investing in good dim lights in your bedroom as well. 

The right food

Eating at set times and making sure you stick to that schedule affects your wakefulness throughout the day. Relatively, what you eat plays a part in keeping the right rhythm in your body. If you have lost track of your daily eating schedule, we suggest going on fasting until your next mealtime. Once you have achieved the ideal schedule, ensure to be disciplined and consistent. We know it can be a struggle to get up from bed, especially if you have the best bed mattress to sleep on, but you have to keep your eyes on the goal. We recommend having a healthy and hearty dinner a few hours before bedtime and a nice full meal to kickstart your day in the morning. 

An all-nighter (or all-dayer)

If you have been sleeping at 4 in the morning and waking up at noon to repeat the cycle, you will never be able to reset your body clock. One effective tip in getting back on track with your sleeping schedule is to stay up one full day or night until the next normal bedtime. Note that you will feel extreme tiredness and exhaustion, especially if you are just in bed, so it is best to perform light and mild activities to keep you up and running. 

A good bed mattress

Nothing excites you more than a soft, white, bouncy bed to go home to after a long day at work. Feel more energized and refreshed as ever with a good, high-quality mattress that lullabies you to sleep. At Magniflex, we offer a wide range of the best mattresses in Dubai perfect for whichever type of sleeper you are. 

We often feel like we are missing out a lot in the world. Hence, the unnecessary “need” to keep your eyes wide awake. But what most people do not realize is that there is also much that we are missing out in our sleep. Get back your regular circadian rhythm and live a balanced, stress-free life. 

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