MagniProtect 8: The Perfect Antiviral Mattress For You

7th November , 2020

Among the many health concerns that people have today, ensuring their families are safe from infectious diseases has increasingly become a priority. Given our current situation, where Coronavirus cases have not yet ceased to increase, people are looking for further ways to reinforce their safety when outside as well as within the comfort of their homes. When we think about germ or infection-prone areas in our houses, the last place you may think about is your bedroom. 

This post will describe how an antiviral mattress can help provide the peace of mind you need to get a goodnight’s sleep.

The Dangers In Our Mattresses

Your mattress can host various micro-organisms, including bacteria, germs, and viruses that are all harmful to your health and wellness. It all begins from the dead skin cells that we shed on our beds, which provide a chance for these life forms to thrive and survive. 

Add to these are the particulates such as debris and dust that we bring from outside our homes straight to our bedrooms and onto our mattresses. These can prove to be especially harmful to the health of our mattresses as well as that concerning our personal wellness. 

Although most microbes are harmless, pathogens cause diseases that can put our wellbeing at risk. While regular mattress cleaning and disinfecting help eliminate them, having an extra measure of protection in the form of antiviral mattresses is always a good idea. 

Antiviral Mattresses

The scientific findings behind antiviral mattresses have been around for some time now, commonly recognized as high-grade foam mattresses that are incorporated with micro silver and vesicle technology. These intricacies are woven into the fabric of the mattress and neutralize bacteria and viruses upon immediate contact. 

Antiviral mattresses offer individuals protection against a wide range of microbes, including the common cold. These mattresses are more relevant today to provide peace of mind for individuals and families who want to invest in having a sleeping environment that also promotes the highest level of hygiene standards.

The MagniProtect 8 

The MagniProtect 8 mattress features an exclusive combination of vesicle and silver technology proven to inhibit the growth and persistence of bacteria and viruses by up to 99 in just a few minutes. Available exclusively at Magniflex, the 7-zones of the mattress core provide the right support to the entire body which the eighth layer is dedicated to eliminating pathogens. 

Not only does it protect you against harmful microbes, but as an orthopedic mattress – the MagniProtect 8 has a massaging effect that promotes microcirculation or the proper flow of blood in the smallest blood vessels of the body. This ensures the right distribution of oxygen and nutrients throughout, in addition to promoting a comfortable sleep. 

The MagniProtect also allows proper stability and support to the body’s major parts, including the back, neck, shoulders, waist, and head that further facilitates great sleep quality. 

Get The Best Sleep Ever

You don’t have to worry about sleeping on a clean and comfortable mattress anymore. With an antiviral version available for all your needs, you can rest knowing you’re protected from contracting avoidable infections. Our wide range of orthopedic mattresses can allow for a quality sleep that will ensure you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the next day’s activities with ease. 

Learn more about MagniProtect 8 and other lines of mattresses that can suit your individualistic needs. Visit us at the Magniflex showroom to talk to our experts today. 

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