Mattress Material Types: What Makes Up Your Mattress?

8th May , 2021

Gone are the days when beds were made from hay or feathers. Modern manufacturing methods have resulted in the production of a variety of different types. Knowing which one to choose does not have to be difficult. Therefore, this blog will prove helpful if one wishes to purchase the best mattress for their needs, as we will be exploring the primary materials. 

Memory Foam

A mattress made of this material uses a combination of memory foam layer and springs or support foam. It is widely considered one of the most comfortable types because it uses an individual’s body heat to soften the material and mold it according to their sleeping position. Therefore, a person will be able to have the necessary support and comfort during their sleep. It also eliminates soreness and pain, as it will distribute pressure evenly across a person’s entire body. 

Once a person wakes up, the foam will slowly go back to its original shape; however, it will remember one’s sleeping position and body shape with regular use. The mattress is also ideal for those who share a bed with another person. They will not be disturbed by anyone tossing and turning in the night as movement will not be transferred. The mattress also has a visco-elastic structure that cannot be penetrated or affected by dust mites, which reduces allergic reactions. 

Pillow Tops

These mattresses have a base layer made of spring to support them. As this layer alone could be firm, bouncy, and uncomfortable, an additional layer of padding made from cotton, memory foam, wool, or latex, is sewn on top. Therefore the topmost layer will be comfortable to sleep on. 

They relieve pressure points, thus reducing soreness and promoting good sleep. While they are not as durable as other mattresses and may even have some movement transfer, they are still a more affordable alternative to memory foam. So, suppose a person has orthopedic issues and wishes to purchase a comfortable mattress without emptying their wallet. In that case, this will be a good choice. 


It is a popular type that combines gel foam with a spring or foam base. Gel foams like memory foam have a visco-elastic structure; however, it also includes gel beads that allow better air circulation through the mattress. This keeps one cool during the summer and warm during the winter months. 

As the material is highly elastic, it can mold according to a person’s body and posture and then bounce back quickly once they get up from the bed. It also akin to memory foam, distributes pressure evenly, thus reducing pain and providing good support. Therefore, it will be a suitable choice for an orthopedic mattress


In this type, there is a steel coil system within the mattress that supports it. There are many different types of spring systems, and even the size, shape, and number of springs can differ. The more amount of springs there are, the better flexibility and comfort it will provide to a person. If there are few, it could result in severe soreness and pain. The system is covered by padding, which can be made of foam or fibers. 

The above are the most popular and common types. However, there is a gradual shift from innerspring to gel or memory foam mattresses. Which one is perfect for a person can depend on many factors, so for more help on selecting one, contact us at Magniflex. 

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