Pillow Support And Comfort: Explore The Types Of Pillows And The Comfort Benefits Of Each One

22nd May , 2021

Pillows are often overlooked when one considers comfort. Many tend to purchase them on a whim without conducting sufficient research. However, there are many different types available, and a person should make sure that what they are buying is best for them. Like one would not settle for anything less than the best bed mattress, they should not make do with an uncomfortable pillow; therefore, we will examine the different kinds available in this blog. 

The size and shape can vary depending on a person’s needs. The standard rectangle shape is widely used by many; however, contoured pillows will provide better neck and shoulder support for side and back sleepers. 

It has to be noted that the pillow’s filling is what causes the most significant difference in comfort. There are more than ten varieties in the market, and exploring them all can be difficult. Therefore, we will examine the four most common types found across the world. 


It has been the traditional filling of pillows for centuries. The reason is that they are incredibly durable and can spring back into shape with ease. It is also warm and cozy, making it perfect for cold climates.

Most manufacturers use a combination of very curly goose or duck feathers and down for the filling, which ensures that the pillow will be soft and comfortable without becoming flat. 


It is the name given to the fine feathers that lie beneath the tough exterior feathers of birds. They are soft and supple, so they have a cushioning effect. Pillows made entirely of down will not be supportive and will become very flat, so it is commonly mixed with more robust feathers. These pillows are also costly, with a price tag upwards of ninety US dollars. Therefore, they are considered the pinnacle of luxury. The key difference between down and feather pillows is the ratio of the two. The former has a lesser percentage of strong feathers, while the latter has a higher amount. 

Memory Foam

One of the best mattress materials is available in the form of pillows too. Memory foam is incredibly popular due to its ability to contour according to the shape of one’s body and weight while still having great support, making them very comfortable.

Therefore, it can be an excellent choice for side sleepers when used in pillows. It will allow the neck to align with the spine, drastically reducing neck pains. However, the material can retain heat because of its close-cellular structure.


Also known as polyester fiberfill, it is a synthetic material that is affordable and can mimic the plush, comfortable feel of down. It is made from thin fibers that are durable and can withstand pressure very well. It also can bounce back to its original shape with ease. It is naturally hypoallergenic; therefore, if a person has allergies to certain fillings, this will be a great choice. 

When choosing pillows, one needs to pick the best one that fits their budget and sleeping position. Suppose a person selects the right one and also has a good mattress. In that case, they will be able to enjoy a wonderful relaxing and refreshing sleep at night. 

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