Bed Rest

The Secret of a Good Rest, Magniflex
Bed Rest
The Secret of a Good Rest, Magniflex

Comfort While Sitting

Bed Rest is the perfect accessory to provide support for the back and legs. It can be used in bed while reading a book or working on your laptop and stimulates blood circulation in your legs, relieving any muscle tension.

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45 cm
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At the Heart of Relaxation

A Cover
The outer cover is made using a 3D band, a special high-tech 3D fabric that is highly breathable, to ensure a maximum hygiene.
B Interior
The inside in Elioform, which contains microcellular, high-density foam structure, provides a sturdier support to the spine, without causing compression.
At the core of Bed Rest
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3D Textile
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Breathable, Comfort for the back, Extra comfort, Relieves stiffness in the legs, Stimulated blood circulation, Support for the legs
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Magnigel Foam
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45x30x45 cm
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Cert. Medical Device
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