Restful Sleep: How To Pick The Best Mattress If You Suffer From Low Back Pain

1st October , 2021

In the age of relentless remote working, the bed truly is king and finding the best mattress for the type of sleeper that you are can be tougher than you think. In most cases, sleeping on a mattress that does not provide sufficient body support may result in physical pains which may eventually cause you more harm than good.

One of the most common ails among adults today is lower back pain. And while there are diverse possible root causes to this generational phenomenon, the quality of the mattress you sleep on certainly strikes a hit on your physical health and posture. Hence, the need to invest in a mattress that gives you maximum comfort and security. To help you funnel down your choices, here is a quick rundown of some things you may need to consider when picking your mattress: 

Study your body, maintain the right posture

It sounds odd to study your posture, let alone maintain it, while you’re sleeping. The first step in picking the right mattress to aid your lower back pain is to ensure that it keeps your spine aligned throughout the night, whichever sleeping position you sleep in. If you have wide hips, go for a softer, more flexible surface. But if you have a narrow one, best to vouch for a slightly firmer mattress. The goal is to maintain the right alignment for your posture to avoid pains when you wake up. 

Go for a test-run

If you’ve ever slept on a bed mattress you absolutely loved, get the mattress’s model number and quickly search it up on the internet. Or go to your favourite mattress store in Dubai and sit on it for several minutes to see if it is the right fit. Getting first-hand experience ahead of the purchase gives you a sense of peace and security as a customer. Like all else in the world, your relationship with your mattress will be long-term.

Pay attention to your pillows and sleeping position

A luxurious, extra soft, high-quality mattress won’t serve you well if you always sleep head high on your pillow or with your knees bent beneath your chest. Aside from being a possible cause for back and muscle pain, these circumstances may also obstruct the airflow on your chest which is a huge risk to your health. A good, painless sleep is highly dependent on how and where you place your pillow and which position you most comfortably sleep in.

Shop for the best value, invest in the most trusted

Evidently, the industry is slowly becoming a bit more saturated given the rise in customer demand in recent years. With the vast amount of choices available in the market, it pays to filter down the brands you feel most safe to invest in. Our brand, Magniflex, the leading Italian mattress store in Dubai, features high-quality and innovative products that give customers no less than optimum safety and comfort. Leveraging smart technology to make the brand more accessible than ever, we offer a 360-degree innovative customer experience even in your dreams. 

Picking the right mattress is highly essential for getting a good night’s sleep. And while it may seem like just another box that needs to be ticked on your to-do list, it would certainly bring you an improved and more balanced lifestyle. 

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