Sleep Better At Night By Selecting The Perfect Pillow

21st March , 2021

The importance of sleep is often overlooked by people because of their busy schedules and work life. Most of us brag that we can perform our duties even though we get very small amounts of sleep, and this behavior must not be normalized. For an adult, the recommended time of sleep is about 7-8 hours every night, and we can only achieve this by sleeping on a good quality pillow. The role that bed accessories have in promoting healthy sleep cannot be overlooked. Along with the right mattress, pillows play an integral part in making sure that we sleep comfortably without disturbance. Through this blog, let’s take a look at the dangers of sleeping without a pillow and how a pillow helps in promoting healthy sleep:

Importance Of A Pillow

When a person sleeps in a bad posture at night, it can reflect negatively on the body and lead to aches and pain, which may persist throughout the next day and into the week. The main purpose of a pillow is to keep the neck in proper alignment with the head and provide the necessary support for the backbone. The ideal way of sleeping is a neutral position which will lead to undisturbed sleep. Also, when someone sleeps without a pillow, there is every chance that it might lead to sleeping on the stomach. This is a bad idea since it is the worst posture to sleep in, and it can result in aching bones that cause major discomfort.

What The Doctor Says

While talking to health specialists and experts like a chiropractor about not getting enough sleep and backaches, you may not expect him to ask you about the type of pillow you use. However, we do not understand that the pillow has a vital role to play in ensuring that we get to sleep without waking up at odd times during the night. A doctor will help you understand that the pillow’s function is to keep our spine in the right alignment and posture during sleep. If you already have a medical condition involving the spine, finding the perfect pillow can, to some extent, reduce pain and inflammation, thereby giving you much-needed relief. If you do not have the right pillow, it may cause you to lose sleep during the night, and this will, in turn, affect your daily activities.

The Anatomy Of A Pillow

There are many different kinds of pillows available in the market, and therefore we must be aware of what type to purchase to get maximum comfort. Along with a pillow, a foam mattress will help you get a complete rest at night and be rejuvenated for the next day. The pillow has many different fillings, which all serve different purposes. For example, some pillows are made of feather and down, which offer very little support for the head and spine. There are orthopedic pillows filled with polypropylene capsules, and available are memory foam pillows, both of which are great in adapting to the human body’s curvature.

Pillows & Sleeping Positions

Choosing the right pillow depends on the type of sleeping position that you usually adopt. There are people who sleep on their back throughout the night, and for them, it is always best to get a pillow that supports the shoulders, neck, and head. Most people often choose a sideways sleeping position, and if you are one of them, it is best to buy a thicker pillow that will offer good support to the neck while keeping the body perfectly aligned. If you are accustomed to sleeping on your stomach, a thin pillow will serve the purpose well. Although this is the case, it is highly advised by experts not to sleep on the stomach as, over time, it can cause damage to the spine and neck.

At Magniflex, we have superior pillows that will serve every need no matter which kind of position you choose to sleep in. Our products are created with the end-user in mind, and therefore, you can sleep in complete peace with the wide range of pillows offered by us.

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