The Best Mattress Composition For Different Needs

21st February , 2022

A guide to your best night’s sleep. Each individual sleeps differently, meaning that each one of us needs a different mattress composition to suit our needs. Mattress stores in Dubai offer such a wide variety of bed types, sizes, and brands, you may be wondering what type of mattress will be best suited to you. 

Quality sleep is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. It is important for recharging both the body and mind. Achieving deep sleep is necessary for the body because it helps with brain functioning and hormonal balance. A lack of proper, deep sleep can lead to a series of health complications. To help you sleep better, you may want to consider the material of your mattress and your sleeping position, whether it be on your stomach, back, or side. 

Mattress Materials 

Mattresses can be made from a variety of different materials. This can affect the price of your mattress but is important to consider because it can affect the lifespan, quality, and if you will sleep well. The variety of options are: 

  • Memory foam
  • Latex
  • Hybrid 
  • Natural fibres
  • Innerspring

Usually, latex and memory foam mattresses have a longer lifespan than the others, with latex coming out on top. Foam lasts longer because of its high density. The higher the density, the longer it lasts. 

Sleeping Position

It may be the case that you have multiple sleeping positions throughout the night, but most of us tend to favour one position for the majority of the night. The most common positions are being either a stomach sleeper, back sleeper, or side sleeper.  

Stomach Sleepers

Stomach sleepers do best on a hybrid or innerspring mattress because they require a firmer surface. It is easy for the hips to fall out of their proper alignment when stomach sleepers rest on a soft surface. A firmer option will help keep the hips aligned with the shoulders. 

Back Sleepers

Back sleepers require a medium-firm mattress because it is important to try achieve a neutral alignment for their spines. This type of position is a common cause of back issues and arthritis if a proper form is not maintained. The difficulty in this is that back sleepers tend to sleep well on a variety of mattress types but it is better for them to sleep on a medium-firm bed, so choosing a hybrid mattress may be best. 

Side Sleepers

The preferable option for side sleepers is a memory foam mattress, or a memory foam topper, that is on the softer side. This kind of sleeper needs help easing the hip and shoulder points because these are put through the most stress with this position. A memory foam topper is a great alternative if you cannot afford the mattress price of a completely new one. Easing these pressure points will lead to a better night’s sleep because the body is less likely to lock up from the strain.

There are an array of mattresses available on the market, differing in material and firmness. You may want to base your decision for both aspects on the type of sleeper that you are. Some stores will ask you questions about your sleeping positions and lifestyles. Finding the best mattress for you is also made easier through style guides and questionnaires that mattress stores can provide. If you are still unsure, consider visiting a mattress store in Dubai for professional advice on which bed to buy for the best night’s sleep.

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