Customer Testimonials

Over 35 million people world wide sleep on a Magniflex mattress. We welcome feedback from all our customers, here are some of the generous comments we have received from customers in the UAE …

This is by far the best money I have spent in a long time. The Duoform mattress is everything and more. It is like something out of the Goldilocks and the 3 Bear story. It is not too hard, not too soft...The Duoform is JUST RIGHT. After purchasing the Duoform, I wake up in the morning feeling refreshed, rested and best of all I said goodbye to backache. I have a new problem now! I love my mattress so much, I don't want to get out of bed in the mornings and go to work! ;-)

This product is value for money and great quality, but the product would be nothing without the delightful and skilled sales representatives ensuring that each customer is satisfied. Thank you Magniflex! I love my mattress.

TB, Teacher, Umm al Quwain
Mattress: Duoform

It is an ideal mattress to sleep on.... Material used is really effective in terms of comfort and durability (at least as of now). I've even recommended Magniflex as a brand to some friends.

ZAA, Production Manager, Deira
Mattress: Night Owner

This is the most comfortable mattress I have slept on. I have a back problem and since sleeping on the memoform mattress, it is improving. I don't wake in the night feeling uncomfortable any more and I am not so stiff in the mornings.

SG, Nurse, Jumeirah, near Safa Park.
Mattress: Memoform

Amazing mattress!!! Can sleep like a baby!! Wish it was cheaper, so we could afford for all bedrooms!

SS, Housewife, Emirates hills Dubai
Mattress: Duoform

It is comfortable and holds my body weight well. No more aches and pains that I had from my earlier matress. It is easy to maintain. It was easy to clean spills and did not leave water marks on the surface,so my matress looks clean and new all the time.

JV, Homemaker, Bur Dubai
Mattress: Coolcomfort

The Magniflex Mattress worth every penny, It has provided me with an excellent sleeping comfort and with no pain anymore. I would highly recommend Magniflex product to every person either for their naps or long sleeps. And I would definitely return back to Magniflex in the future.

Furthermore, the after sale service has been outstanding which proofs that’s Magniflex company is a reliable company.

ENZK, Financial Controller, Dubai Marina
Mattress: Duoform

I spend at least fifteen nights per month in five star hotels and nowhere do I sleep as well as I do at home on my Magniflex Duoform.

Events that leave a lasting Warm Fuzzy feeling: Finding a puppy under the Christmas tree when I was five. My first kiss in high school. Sleeping on my Magniflex Duoform!

I tested eight memoryfoam mattresses before choosing my Magniflex Duoform. It was not only the most comfortable, but the sales staff were the most knowledgeable - and even followed up a month later to ensure my satisfaction.

IH, Dubai
Mattress: Duoform

I visited the Magniflex showroom having heard positive reviews from a friend. Although initially sceptical based on the cost, I found the saleslady to be very passionate about the product as she patiently explained all aspects of the mattresses, the differences between them and benefits for the body. I also found there was no hard sell, the onus was on me to decide if the product suited me and quite importantly there was a significant warranty at no extra cost.

I ended up choosing a Duoform mattress, can honestly say that it has been an excellent purchase and would highly recommend it. Whereas before I thought going to sleep was just something you do; now I really look forward to it! I subsequently bought a second Duoform and have found that visiting friends and family actually comment on how well they sleep during their stay. In summary I would say great product which equals quality sleep!

BK, VP, Emirates Airlines, Springs
Mattress: Duoform

The Memoform mattress truly and quickly adjusts to your body shape whilst the pillows have definitely assisted with sleeping.”

AS, Industry Development Manager, The Greens, Dubai
Mattress: Memoform

If you are looking for a firm but comfortable mattress, you must try out the range of mattresses from Magniflex.

VR, IT, Jumeirah Beach Residence
Mattress: Coolcomfort

I feel like my spine has been re-sculpted after a good night's sleep on my Magniflex matteress. The next morning I feel ready to face the day re-energised.

KD, Civil Engineer, Jumeirah 1 Dubai
Mattress: Duoform

Very happy with the mattress, less back pain and better quality sleep

GM, Manager, JVC
Mattress: Night Owner

The best mattress that i have ever used in my whole life time giving utmost solace when you lie on it and takes the shape of your body contour to embrace you all through the night providing a sound sleep. Once bought no regrets and feel to buy again if chance arises. Great feeling that sojourns with you always.

TS, Project Manager, Mankhool
Mattress: Orthobamboo

An incredible mattress, far superior than my previous spring mattress. It gives me a relaxed undisturbed sleep and I wake up feeling refreshed without the body aches suffered before. This is very important for me, as in my profession I have to sleep at different times of the day to achieve effective rest and thus recover from the effects of working at various hours of the day and night in different time zones. This allows me to be at my best performance in my flying duties and my everyday life. I have recommended this product to many of my pilot colleagues.

Captain SS, Captain at Emirates Airlines, Jumeirah, Mattress: Duoform

I must admit the mattresses I bought were worth it. Ever since I purchased it, I sleep like a baby at night and wake up fully refreshed and recharged in the morning. It’s been almost a year now and still the mattresses are as firm as when I first got them. I would recommend Magniflex mattresses to anyone who wishes to have a good nights sleep!

A N, Document Controller, Sharjah, Al Qasimia
Mattress: Ortholux

We love our Magniflex mattress. The only problem is getting up and out of bed in the morning. The Branch Manager even delivered it and installed it on the same evening of the day we bought it.

AA, Architect, Emirates Hills
Mattress: Memoform

I am very happy with the mattress, I feel I have a deeper sleep, my back pain is virtually gone and I do not snore as much as I used to; the relation price/benefit is outstanding and I would recommend it to anyone.

Finally, I was very pleasantly surprised with the post-sale follow up and concern about the satisfaction on the product I had bought. In a word Excellent !

PR, IT Director, Umm Suqueim Dubai.
Mattress: Ortholux

Great mattress! I used to wake in the morning quite often with aches and stiff neck pain. Those days are gone. I wake up fresh and ready to tackle the day with an abundance of energy!

HL, VP Strategy and Planning, Arabian Ranches. Mattress: Waterlattex Classic

We have enjoyed our mattress and memoform pillows from Magniflex for one year now, and think we sleep much better for having them.

CF, Department Manager – Hotel, Mirdif - Dubai
Mattress : Duoform

The mattress is far more comfortable than any I have used before, my sleep has definitely improved

AC, Lamcy, Dubai.
Mattress: Waterlattex Classic

Excellent mattress that provides a wonderful sleep each night

DR, Teacher, The Greens Dubai.
Mattress: Duoform

This is the best investment I have ever made! During my first pregnancy I suffered with terrible water retention and hip aches and pains. With this mattress, I had minimal water retention. I did not have to stuff pillows around me to minimize the aches on my hips, this mattress supported my growing belly and moulded to me. My husband used to move a lot while sleeping, I do not feel him moving anymore! I can't stop raving about this mattress – I will never buy any other mattress!

TD, Mother of two, Arabian Ranches Mattress: Memoform

Good investment. Quality of sleep definitely better.

KE, Manager (HR), Mirdiff
Mattress: Ortholux

A sensation of comfort, new every night.

CT, Housewife, Green Community.
Mattress : Duoform

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