5 Things You Should Avoid Before Bedtime Comes Around

8th July , 2021

A good quality, long and healthy sleep cycle is crucial for feeling refreshed and energized throughout the day. The benefits of sleeping are much discussed across scientific studies. It gives much-needed rest to the body, allows for muscle and tissue revitalization, and enables important cognitive functions like creating lasting memories. 

Like the lighting conditions and the temperature, the environment of the bedroom has a role to play in sleep patterns. Having the proper equipment, including a suitable mattress and comfortable pillows, can also play an essential role in deciding sleep quality. However, beyond just buying the best mattress and turning the temperature down, there are certain things that one should stay away from doing to ensure the best quality sleep. 


It is now well recognized that using screens in bed directly negatively impacts the ability to fall asleep faster. All research points to the fact that reading and using electronic devices and digital screens emit blue light in excess, reducing the generation of the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin. This impairs the ability to sleep and leaves the body sleepy in the morning. Minimizing exposure to blue light will also help in achieving a healthy sleep cycle.

Caffeine & Alcohol

Caffeine increases the adrenaline and energy levels of the body and enhances alertness. This means that the body is no longer in a relaxed state, which results in an inability to fall asleep. Caffeine also results in a disruptive sleep cycle. Experts recommend that one should stop consuming caffeine at least six hours before bedtime. 


Most people can only catch a break for a workout late before going to sleep. However, many studies have shown that exercise can increase the body’s core body temperature and metabolic activity. This causes the body to stay alert and ready for action instead of being relaxed and sleepy. Most experts recommend that the best time to exercise is three to five hours of going to sleep. Taking a hot water bath will also be helpful since it increases the blood flow to the skin, which decreases the core body temperature, thereby relaxing the body.


Besides its harmful effects on respiratory health, smoking is also dangerous to good sleep. Many seem to believe that smoking helps the body relax. However, studies show that nicotine is a stimulant that can keep the body awake for hours, impairing the ability to go to sleep. Excessive smoking can also cause respiratory disruptions, which can significantly deteriorate sleep patterns and causes the body to cough frequently and wake up in the middle of the night. So a good night’s sleep is yet another reason for you to stop smoking right now.

Eating fatty food

Diet has a vital role to play in sleep cycles. Experts have identified that late-night snacks and high-fat foods can also impair the ability to go to sleep. Eating snacks and meals high in fat right before going to bed can greatly reduce the time spent in REM sleep. Having a light dinner before bed and having a balanced diet throughout the day can help achieve good sleep besides being beneficial for the whole body.

Many factors affect the quality and length of sleep. The right sleeping equipment is an essential prerequisite for a healthy sleep cycle. Investing in the best mattress in the UAE can be a worthwhile option to ensure that the body gets enough sleep to maximize daytime productivity. Breaking the above habits can be immensely beneficial to achieving a good night’s sleep.

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