A Brief Guide to Choosing a New Mattress for the New Year

7th January , 2023

It might be time for a new mattress if you’ve had more sleepless nights than you can count, have been waking up with a sore back, and can never feel comfortable in your bed. A mattress typically lasts between five and ten years, so if yours is getting close to that age, start considering getting a new one.

The quality of the sleep you get and the mattress you sleep on are both related to your physical and mental health as well as your overall quality of life and even things like your general safety. Here is our simple guide to assist you in choosing the best mattress for you in this new year, covering adjustability, durability, types, and test drives.

How to Recognize a High-Quality Mattress from a Standard Mattress

While mattresses are not cheap, they are an investment that is worthwhile given that you will typically spend 3,000 hours a year on yours. You’ll want to make sure they’re extremely resilient and continue to be comfortable for as long as possible to make it worthwhile. Quality mattresses are made by quality brands The typical source of a high-quality mattress is an established, reputable company.

Good Support will Result in Restful Sleep

The best mattresses maintain proper body alignment and relieve pressure or discomfort in the hips, shoulders, ribcage, or ankles. Additionally, they’ll evenly distribute your body weight across your frame and keep your spine in good alignment with the rest of your body.

Different Mattresses Serve Various Purposes

There are now many different types of mattresses that offer a range of benefits depending on your precise support needs, so a mattress’s price, material, or design aren’t the only things that can change. To make sure you get the support you require while you sleep, inquire about coil springs, latex, memory foam, and even pocket sprung mattresses.

Never Be Afraid To Check Out Your Mattress First

It’s worth trying out any mattresses you have your eye on in-store before you buy them, even though you might feel a little silly doing so. Test it out as you would a real night’s sleep by setting aside at least 15 minutes. Try to toss and turn and you can even bring a partner to test it for full effect.

Check to See if you Require any Expert Adjustments

Before speaking with your sales assistant, you should consider seeing a doctor if you have any medical problems, such as back pain or sleep apnea. The advice of your doctor could be extremely important. You’ll be able to make the best choice for you and your unique needs if you combine medical advice with advice from your mattress expert.

Know Your Mattress’s Warranty

A mattress is a significant investment, so before you make your final decision, you should find out if it has a warranty. This guarantees that you can replace your mattress at no additional cost if it turns out to be defective, for instance with problems like fraying material or broken springs. A mattress’ warranty typically lasts between three and five years.

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