A Helpful Guide to Find the Right Pillows for Your Toddlers

22nd August , 2021

As children grow, their sleeping patterns will also continuously change. It is necessary to make sure that they are always comfortable and have a high-quality good night’s sleep. When the child outgrows the crib, they need the best mattresses and accessories to facilitate an enhanced sleep cycle. 

When can a child start to use a pillow?

There are many concerns associated with toddlers being given pillows. There are many associated precautions and sleeping practices for newborns, infants, and toddlers below a certain age, and it is recommended that they should not be given a regular pillow at all. The crib should be kept free of toys and other objects to ensure the mobility of the child. Most experts say that children should not be given pillows before they reach the age of 2 and can comfortably move around. After the transition from the crib to a mattress, a pillow can be a source of comfort for the child. However, during the early years, the pillow must be selected and used with caution.

What to look for when selecting the pillow for your toddler?

Size: The size of the pillow has to be just right. If it is too high and lofty, it might cause discomfort and neck pain to the toddler. One should also always ensure that the pillows do not hinder the mobility of the child. Since toddlers are active sleepers, they tend to toss and turn during their sleep. The pillow should not be an obstacle for them to do that.

Material: A delicate balance between firm and soft should be maintained. If the pillow is too firm or too soft, the toddler may find it difficult to fall asleep on it. Pillows that are comfortable and soft are preferred, but some pillows are too soft, resulting in incorrect alignment of the head and the spine. Some children are also allergic to certain materials like down feathers. More importantly, some pillows also contain unsafe materials like small pellets, which could be hazardous if the pillow starts leaking or is damaged. Child-friendly pillows are safe and will not contain such harmful materials.

Support: A pillow that is too soft will fail to provide adequate support for important pressure points. A pillow that is too firm, on the other hand, could end up causing discomfort and neck pain. For toddlers who require additional specialized support, child-friendly orthopedic mattresses and pillows are to be preferred. Many toddler pillows also come with memory foam to adapt to the unique needs of the child.

Pillow covers: Some pillow covers may contain harmful industrial toxins, bleaches, dries, and fabrics, resulting in respiratory illnesses and diseases in toddlers. Organic, eco-friendly cotton covers are usually considered to be the most child-friendly. However, organic toddler pillows will often contain specific marks, and if there isn’t a mark to be seen, it is better to assume that it isn’t safe.

In conclusion, when choosing a pillow for the toddler, one should always prioritise the safety of the child along with comfort. Regular cleaning of the pillow and the cover is also crucial for the good health of the toddler. Finally, investing in the right mattress and pillow will ensure that the toddler gets a healthy amount of quality sleep.

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