Bedroom Trends for 2023 That will Improve Your Sleep

14th January , 2023

While many people make resolutions for the new year to eat better and exercise more, few people prioritize getting enough sleep, which can seriously jeopardize all of your other efforts. Lack of regular, high-quality sleep can cause a variety of physical and mental problems that can make it challenging to function during the day. Not getting enough sleep can have an impact on us in a number of ways, including slowed thinking, diminished attention span, lack of energy, and irritability.

The good news is that you can establish a healthy sleep schedule and get back into the habit of getting a good night’s sleep by taking a few simple steps, starting today. We’re going to break down the simple ways to get more sleep in 2023.

Take Away All Traces of Work

Leave any potential distractions, such as your phone and especially your work computer, in a different room if at all possible. We’ve become incredibly reliant on technology. The bedroom should be a device-free zone, though.

Keep the TV, laptops, and smartphones outside the room. Sleeping should take place in the bedroom. Therefore, if your bedroom unexpectedly turned into your WFH office during the pandemic, try to find a different space somewhere else. Thinking about work in bed won’t help you relax; your bedroom should be your worry-free space.

A New Mattress Can Change your Sleep for the Better

Everybody is unique, and everybody is unique. Firmer mattresses help some bodies sleep better. Something softer helps some people sleep better. Given that different people can experience different levels of comfort on the same mattress, the quality of your bed may be subjective.

But generally speaking, research indicates that the best mattress for promoting sound sleep habits is often a medium-firm mattress with a firmness-adjustable feature that supports the curvature of your spine.

You should be able to get a good night’s sleep without having to wake up to reposition your head and neck as long as they maintain their neutral position. The best memory foam mattress for back support is medium firm.

Pick Calming Hues

According to color therapy, certain hues may have a calming effect on our mood and may improve our ability to fall asleep. White, blue, yellow, green, and silver are the best bedroom colors for sleep. According to research, using these colors in light tones can lengthen the total amount of time spent sleeping each night.

Avoid Consuming Alcohol, Caffeine, and Large Meals after Dinner

Caffeine consumption too late in the day may make it more difficult to go to sleep at night. Alcohol may make you feel tired, but it prevents you from falling asleep deeply, leaving you feeling even more exhausted when you wake up.

Large or spicy meals may upset the stomach, which may make it difficult to feel at ease in bed. It’s probably best to avoid eating a heavy meal two to three hours before bedtime, but if you feel a craving, try having a small snack an hour before bed.

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