Best Ways to Sleep Cooler

21st October , 2022

We may enjoy the pool parties, barbecues, and days at the beach, but trying to fall asleep in the heat is something that none of us enjoy. And the truth is that your AC can only do so much to help.

Not only will it cost you a fortune to keep it running constantly, but if you’re one of the many people who sleep hot, it might be difficult for you to fall asleep on a hot summer night without some inventive fixes.

We’ll show you how to stay cool in the heat and, as a result, improve your night’s sleep even if you don’t have air conditioning or don’t like the astronomically high energy bill.

Hot Nights Can Make Sleep Difficult

Your metabolism will naturally start to slow down as you get ready for sleep. Your core temperature drops as a result. To encourage better sleep, many experts advise keeping your room at a cool temperature. It may be challenging to maintain a comfortable core temperature during a heat wave, which contributes to tossing and turning and less restorative sleep.

Use A Cooling Mattress

Give your bed a little work to do. Your core temperature will remain lower thanks to a cooling mattress or topper with specially formulated cooling gel, which will encourage peaceful sleep.

Ventilate With Doors and Windows

Opening a window is one thing; properly doing so to improve airflow is quite another. Your bedroom will feel naturally cooler if you use the breeze outside to create cross ventilation. To accomplish this, determine which way the wind is blowing outside and then open a window or door on the side of the room that will allow the wind to enter the space directly. Open one on the other side of the room next. By using two windows, stagnant hot air is swept up and carried outside, keeping the interior comfortably cool.

Before going to bed, dim the light

Another strategy for maintaining a cool environment is: at least two hours before it’s time for lights out, draw the drapes and shut the blinds. Again, turning off all lights will significantly cool down your bedroom and help your body prepare for sleep.

Take a Hot Shower

A hot bath or shower might not sound all that appealing on a hot day. However, studies have shown that taking a hot bath before bed can increase blood flow to the hands and feet, allowing blood to escape and lowering core body temperature.

Low-profile Beds

Heat rises, as we all know, so hot air will gather close to your ceiling. You can benefit from the coolest air in your room by keeping your bed low. However, it’s best to avoid placing your mattress directly on the ground as this can eventually result in an increase in dust mites and mold. Not to mention that getting up every morning can be quite a challenge.

Have a Lighter Meal

Your body will need more energy to digest a heavy meal. Make sure to eat a lighter dinner as a result so that your body temperature can more easily drop when it’s time to go to bed.

Drink a Warm Beverage

Even though it seems counterintuitive, cooling down with a cup of hot tea or another warm beverage before bed can help. Sweating after consuming something hot can reduce your body’s ability to retain heat. However, because this cooling technique calls for sweat to evaporate, it functions best in drier environments and when you’re wearing light, breathable clothing.

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