Can The Right Mattress Stop You From Snoring?

5th October , 2020

The right mattress provides the needed support and comfort that helps you experience a good night’s rest. On the contrary, poor mattress quality can cause sleep problems such as snoring and obstructive sleep apnea. Hence by shifting to a high-quality mattress, you get to sleep better while lowering the chances of experiencing snoring and other sleep disorders. 

About Snoring

During sleep, people develop a snoring habit when air cannot move freely through the nose and throat due to an obstruction in the body’s upper airways. It also occurs when tissues around the throat relax, causing your voice box to vibrate and produce a hoarse, often raspy sound. 

Identifying The Causes

Naturally, we snore more often as we age due to the decrease in muscle tone. Poor muscle tone in the throat and tongue means it lacks muscular tension needed to maintain an open airway. This, in turn, increases the risk of developing a snoring habit. 

There are several other causes for snoring, such as congestion caused by sinusitis, cold, as well as other respiratory conditions. Obesity is another known factor that can cause people to snore because of the fat layers that gather in and around the throat that contribute towards inadequate muscle tone. 

Unfavorable sleeping positions are another factor that leads people to snore. Those who sleep on their backs – the position causes the throat to relax that, in turn, blocks the airway and leads to snoring. Therefore, sleeping on your side is advised if you are prone to snoring. Alcohol, drug consumption, and mispositioned jaws are a few more known factors.

In addition to this, snoring has health risks too. Heart diseases, a drop in blood oxygen levels, and stroke can happen due to long-term snoring as it increases the person’s risk of developing an irregular heart rhythm, or arrhythmia. It also causes drowsiness and a lack of focus during the daytime. Therefore, it is crucial to avoid snoring by taking necessary precautions and changing your lifestyle.

Promoting Better Quality Sleep

Adopting simple changes to your lifestyle can prove to be extremely helpful in avoiding snoring. Skipping heavy meals at night, minimizing smoking, and reducing alcohol consumption will significantly contribute to restful sleep. Exercise and losing weight are essential for obese people to eliminate the fat layers around the throat. 

Apart from that, nasal sprays or oral appliances can clear the blockage in the air passage and minimize breathing discomfort. Most importantly, adjusting your sleep position and pattern is the easiest way to minimize snoring. It is better to sleep at a consistent time each night in order to establish a better sleep routine.

Invest In a Quality Mattress 

The right mattress promotes better sleep. It can help you greatly in achieving a good rest at any time of the day. Investing in a quality mattress means that you’ll experience the benefits for the long term. You will wake up well-rested and have the energy to perform your daily activities. Ultimately, it will help you lead a healthy and better life.

A mattress should also allow for better breathability while lying down. The best mattress is ideally one that is made to be soft when lying down while providing proper body support and achieving an outstanding balance between sleep and comfort. An orthopedic mattress is designed to provide relief for people suffering from various orthopedic-related problems such as backaches, which are quite common today.

With various options to choose from – at Magniflex, we can help you find the right mattress to suit your needs. In no time, you will be able to sleep soundlessly, and snoring will be a memory of the past. 


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