Do Cooling Mattresses Work Best For Hot Sleepers?

14th February , 2024

If you wake up to a pool of sweat more often than usual either during the night or by morning, you’re most likely a hot sleeper. The first thing you’ve probably done to solve this problem was to make the room temperature cooler by toggling on your air conditioning’s thermostat, turning on a fan, or opening a window. You may have also tried switching out thick comforters for thinner blankets. If you’re still feeling hot after doing all that, a cooling mattress might be the upgrade you need.

Studies have shown a correlation between temperature and sleep. Heat is considered a main sleep disruptor because it inhibits the production of melatonin, a hormone responsible for regulating the body’s sleep-wake cycles. Without enough melatonin, the likelihood of experiencing restlessness and insomnia is increased.

Our first tip to improve the quality of your sleep is to follow the general recommendation of setting your room temperature at 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit (or 15.6 to 21 degrees Celsius.) Secondly, we advise you to consider how cooling mattresses can benefit you. To help you make an informed purchase decision, we’ve included everything there is to know about cooling mattresses in this article.

What Are Cooling Mattresses?

Cooling mattresses are usually designed with natural thermoregulating materials that absorb and/ or dissipate body heat. These mattresses can be made with different layers of gels, foams, or springs to facilitate airflow at the surface and keep you cool. There are also more advanced options that are technologically engineered and can be customised through an app.

How Do Cooling Mattresses Work?

The MagniCool Collection by Magniflex uses an exclusive fabric cover to enhance the breathability of the mattress. This revolutionary fabric boasts fibres interweaved with thousands of silicate microparticles that effectively wick away moisture, allowing you to retain the feeling of freshness.

The quilted MemoForm padding and Eliosoft layer of the MagniCool 10 Firm contribute to the thermoregulating characteristics of cooling mattresses. The quilted MemoForm padding creates air pockets while the Eliosoft layer promotes microcirculation in the skin to assist in stabilising your body’s internal temperature.

5 Benefits of Cooling Mattresses

Reduces Occurrence of Night Sweats

There can be more than one reason why you are experiencing night sweats. It can be caused by anxiety, sleeping disorders like insomnia, a negative side effect of certain medications, or hot flashes (for menopausal women.) The good news is that a cooling mattress can reduce this sleeping disturbance from happening by up to 52%.

Cooling mattresses like Magniflex’s MagniCool Collection feature moisture-wicking properties that ensure breathability. The innovative fabric cover promotes air circulation by dispersing heat to enable efficient evaporation.

Supports Body Alignment

Nights spent tossing and turning can be lessened with a cooling mattress regulating body temperature by evenly distributing your weight. You may also be relieved from aches and pains with multiple supportive layers that cushion every part of your body.

Magniflex’s cooling mattresses offer orthopaedic support with a high-density foam base layer and two types of padding designed to adapt to your body’s natural contours. Whether you choose the MagniCool 10 Soft or the MagniCool 10 Firm, know that both mattresses offer a massaging effect for 5 different zones of your body.

Energy and Cost Efficient

With a cooling mattress to prevent heat buildup on the surface of the bed, you may not need to turn your cooling systems up to the max. The cooling mattress and your room’s climate control will work together to regulate body heat and ensure optimal comfort. As a result, you will end up using less energy and saving money on your utility bill.

While cooling mattresses may cost more than regular mattresses, the compounded savings from monthly utility bills will offset your initial investment in the long run. We also recommend investing in absorbent cotton satin bedding to enhance your mattress’s ability to keep you cool.

Increased Mattress Durability

Cooling mattresses make you sweat less, enhancing your sleep hygiene. Their thermoregulating properties also decrease wear and tear due to excess heat and liquid stains.

Made with high-density foam and/or thick gel beads, cooling mattresses retain their shape for longer. Its increased durability means you will not have to worry about buying a new mattress every now and then.

Promotes Comfortable Sleep for Couples

You and your partner can sleep more comfortably on a cooling mattress because you won’t be bothered by each other’s body heat, especially during those hot summer nights. You’ll be glad to know that the cooling properties of the mattress remain uncompromised whether or not you’re sharing the bed with another person.

Another reason why cooling mattresses are great for couples is their motion resistance. Cooling mattresses are constructed with even weight distribution in mind to disperse heat and support most parts of the body. That said, the chances of your sleep being disturbed by your partner’s movements are minimised.

Takeaways on How Do Cooling Mattresses Work

Anyone can benefit from cooling mattresses. Hot sleepers and couples alike increase their chances of sleeping comfortably through the night without being bothered by heightened body heat.

The thermoregulating properties of cooling mattresses evenly disperse heat and wick moisture to improve breathability and comfort. Plus, cooling mattresses work with your room’s climate control system which makes them an energy-efficient alternative to regular mattresses.

When choosing a cooling mattress, look into its certifications as well as the quality of its materials and layers. It’s important to note that cooling mattresses may cost more than their regular counterparts, but it is a great investment in quality and restful sleep.

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