Do You Have Proper Lumbar Support In Your Desk Chair?

21st January , 2022

Many who work desk jobs tend to suffer from lower back pain. Statistics show that among office workers, nearly 23 to 38% have suffered from LBP for more than a year. It is also the most typical cause of work-related disability. The best way to combat the problem is through proper lumbar support, and one of the best ways to ensure this is by obtaining a sturdy chair designed to relieve pressure off your back. 


Why does lower back pain occur?

When you sit down without adequate back support for an extended period of time, there can be a lot of stress applied on the lumbosacral discs. Over time, this will result in straining the muscles and tendons in the region. At worst, the outer ring of the lumbosacral disc may get damaged and push against the nerve nearby. This is called a herniated disc and is the most common cause of lower back pain. LBP can make it a struggle to complete everyday tasks including sleeping, even on a comfortable mattress


How does your desk chair play a role in lower back pain?

When sitting on a desk chair, you place significant stress on the lower back. This is because the sitting posture causes pressure to be applied to the lower region of the spinal column and the areas around it, including your lower back and buttocks. If your chair does not have adequate lumbar support, you will need to be mindful of your posture to avoid developing the condition. The best way to sit on the chair is by sitting straight and avoiding hunching or slouching. You should not shift your weight forward as it will increase stress on your joints, soft tissue and discs. Try to sit as close to the desk as possible while leaning your back on the chair.


Can you buy a chair with lumbar support?

The answer is yes. Several chairs offer lumbar support. While they come in various prices based on material quality and the amount of support given, you can find a chair that fits your needs with relative ease. Chairs with lumbar support typically have elements in their design to help alleviate and stop the development of back pain similar to certain memory foam mattresses. They do this by ensuring you do not stress the vulnerable parts of your body. The lower portion of your spine naturally curves inwards towards the belly. The chairs fill the gap between the seat and your back, promoting good posture and supporting your spine and lumbosacral discs. 


What can you do if you cannot get a chair with lumbar support?

If you cannot find a chair with adequate lumbar support, you can always use lumbar cushions. These mimic the shape of a sports seat; wherein, there are side wings that wrap the back, provide support, and help keep it straight. The cushions are long-lasting and can be attached to any desk chair. 


By ensuring your chair has adequate lumbar support, you will be able to enjoy a painless experience at work. If you begin using the support before developing lower back pain, you can avoid having to spend on painkillers or expensive surgeries. For more information on the lumbar cushion and mattresses in 

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