Everything You Need To Know About The Orthomassage

28th December , 2021

It’s a safe bet to say that most humans take proper spine health for granted. Most of us are guilty of years and years of bad lifestyle practices that lead to body aches. These head, neck, back, and joint pains are usually only taken notice of when the pain becomes chronic and more difficult to solve. Thankfully, several medical advancements and technologies are made to provide relief for those troublesome aches.  One notable innovation to improve spine health is the orthomassage pillow.


What is an Orthomassage pillow?


This type of pillow is created with the purpose of providing relief to common pressure points in the neck, back, and shoulders. Its firm build helps in promoting neutral spine alignment, effectively alleviating those aches. It can be especially helpful to those suffering from chronic pains – particularly, athletes, seniors, people recovering from injuries, and those who suffer from long-term health issues. Using this type of pillow can also act as a preventive measure in avoiding strains and misalignments in the cervical spine.


What is it made of?


This deluxe pillow is made with a memory foam innovation called the Memoform that has small pyramid-shaped protrusions in the centre that promotes proper blood circulation. Memory foam is a synthetic material known for its shape-adapting qualities that mould into the curves of the body, providing ample support to the body without over-exertion on the pressure points. With the perfect amount of firmness, this pillow offers ample support on the upper part of the neck, the head, and the face.


It is covered with the use of the Outlast® temperature-regulating fabric that is designed to provide a perfect microclimate through the night. It helps regulate temperature by adapting to the temperature of the body. This cover boasts a breathable 3D band that is removable and washable, keeping you safe from dust build-up and allergens that could cause a runny nose, itchy throat, watery eyes, and acne. 


What are the benefits of using this pillow?


  1. It will keep you comfortable through the night. This pillow has temperature-regulating technology that helps keep body temperature constant, helping in giving you peaceful, uninterrupted sleep.
  2. Outlast promotes increased levels of airflow on the pillow, reducing heat and moisture build-up that can cause discomfort and accumulation of bacteria and viruses.
  3. Orthomassage’s shape-adapting technology assists in relieving pressure on the body, saving you from aches, strains, and numbness from the base of your head to your shoulders.
  4. Its stretching system effectively decompresses the spinal column, reducing tension that results in pain radiating in the cervical region. 
  5. Stay fresh and dry through the night with its cooling capabilities.


Who should use this pillow?


It may be particularly helpful for people suffering from chronic pains in the neck, shoulders, and back, but anyone can use this pillow. Opting for an orthopaedic pillow early on can act as a pre-emptive measure in keeping you from constant body strains and injuries.


Magniflex offers a wide variety of pillows for different needs. To know more about this pillow and more offerings, visit our webpage for more information.


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