Julia Douglas

I have been buying Magniflex products for years and am very satisfied with the quality of their mattress in Dubai. I am also very happy with the service. I have to mention sales lady May in Mazaya center. She is very knowledgeable about the product and very helpful

Deborah Grazel

Oh my Oh my I am LOVING my new Magnigel mattress from Magniflex! After going from store to store laying on 30+ mattresses we decided on the Magnigel . It was comfort right away. Very innovated with the his and her side by side separate sections. You can have a...

Soumaya Salem

I’ve bought my first Magniflex mattress in Dubai back in 2008. It was the best investment ever! Still comfortable and good as new . The fact that we im planning to buy another one for my toddler. Magniflex : thank you for giving us the comfort Highly recommended. ? ?...

Jonathan Noble

This is a great company with a great product. I came back after almost five years to buy some pillows because I love my mattress so much. My mattress is still as comfortable as it was five year ago! The same salesperson who helped me five years ago is still...

Govindraj M K

We are a repeat customer of Magniflex mattress in Dubai . The magnistretch 9 has been a fantastic mattress. Investing in the right mattress is critical and this model is great for a sound sleep and relaxation. Will strongly recommend people to try out this mattress. The showroom has some...

Peach Kohli

The only mattress in Dubai and in the UAE with global certifications, excellent quality and reasonable prices. Love my mattress- really comfortable and supportive. Sales people are so helpful and honest, without being pushy.

Christina Pilavaki

Absolutely the best investment for a great sleep. It’s amazing how everything changes when you have the right mattress together with a comfortable pillow. Something that really amazed me was the well trained Magniflex team about all their products and how they patiently guided us to the right one!”

If you are searching for the best mattress for you and your family, you have come to the right place. Magniflex is not only Italy’s largest mattress brand, it is also loved by millions of people worldwide and has garnered some of the best mattress reviews in Dubai.

There are many reasons to choose a Magniflex mattress, whether it be for the exceptional comfort, the luxurious feel or most importantly for health reasons, and due to our diversified range we are able to offer a choice of mattresses designed to suit anyone.

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MagniProtect 8

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From 2400 AED

Magni 9

Elegance, Support, Comfort

From 2560 AED

Comfort Dual 10

Luxury Sleep with Dual Support

From 4150 AED
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Select a Magniflex Mattress

One of the key reasons to select a Magniflex mattress is our focus on spring-free mattresses. Most mattresses available in Dubai are spring mattresses which can create upward pressure on the body causing discomfort and pain throughout the night.

Rather than you having to adapt to springs, Magniflex mattresses are designed to adapt to your body and keep it correctly positioned while you sleep. Springs can also lose their strength with use, which causes spring mattresses to lose their shape and sag over time, whereas Magniflex mattresses are made with high quality foams that are designed to keep their shape for many years.

Another reason to select a Magniflex mattress is that we are extremely well priced for the Made in Italy quality provided. Other mattress companies in Dubai tend to keep their mattress prices artificially high so that they can offer huge discounts to give the impression that the customer is getting good value.

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For a more premium sleeping experience you may wish to consider the Comfort Dual 10 or Leonardo Dual 11. Both mattresses comprise of Memoform which adapts to the bodyshape to provide incredible comfort, tailored spinal support and improved blood circulation. As their names suggest the Comfort Dual 10 and Leonardo Dual 11 are designed with a dual core, meaning that each individual can chose a different comfort within the same mattress. They also have Outlast fabric, designed by NASA, to keep the body at the perfect temperature throughout the night.

Finally, we have the Magnistretch 9. This innovative mattress has been designed in association with the University of Zaragoza in Spain, to stretch the spine while you sleep. The only mattress of its kind, it has been endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association and has proved an extremely popular mattress in Dubai.

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Get Your Magniflex Mattress in Dubai Today

No matter which Magniflex mattress you select we are committed to providing you with a mattress of the highest quality, certified by the top laboratories in Europe. We operate with the highest standards of integrity and honesty and stand behind every mattress we sell. In keeping with our promise, we offer an extended warranty of 10 to 12 years on our mattresses.

If you need any assistance in selecting the right mattress for you, please don't hesitate to contact the Magniflex mattress showroom in Dubai on 800-MATTRESS (800-62887377).


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