How to Build Yourself the Best Bed for Sleeping: A 5-Step Guide

24th May , 2024

The best bed for sleeping is surely out there, but sometimes you have to build it yourself. You’re probably asking yourself if a bed is worth all that time, effort, and money. The answer is most certainly yes.

We spend at least a third of our lives in bed sleeping. Building yourself the best bed for sleeping is an investment in a good night’s sleep that will empower you to be productive and healthy all day. Plus, beds are not just for sleeping nowadays, you’ll reap the rewards of your time, effort, and money whenever you’re in bed watching TV, reading, and just relaxing.

Building yourself the best bed for sleeping, doesn’t have to be a hassle. Magniflex in Dubai has established itself as a one-stop shop for innovative sleep solutions. Here, you can choose from a diverse and inclusive range of rest accessories to improve sleep quality and hygiene.

To set you off to a good start, we’ve prepared a 5-step guide to building yourself the best bed for sleeping. We’ve also provided science-backed reasons to strengthen your decision to invest in a comfortable and supportive bed.

5-Step Guide to Building Yourself the Best Bed for Sleeping

5-Step Guide to Building Yourself the Best Bed for Sleeping

Step 01: The Right Bed Frame

You need a sturdy bed frame that can support your mattress and body weight. You’d also want it to match the aesthetics and layout of your room. The right bed frame is well-built, adaptable to personal style, and space-efficient.

Bed frames vary in size and depth. They can also be crafted from different materials such as steel and wood. Moreover, options could be upholstered, come with hidden storage, and/ or high-tech bed bases.

When choosing a bed frame, factor in the ideal dimensions that will still allow you to move around. Also, think about maximising your space in terms of furniture placement, convenient storage, and access to outlets.

Step 02: The Ideal Mattress / Topper Combo

The mattress is the key component to having the best bed for sleeping. The ideal mattress is neither too soft nor too firm. It would offer the right combination of comfort, support, and thickness.

Magniflex mattresses offer plush comfort with Memory Foam and orthopedic support. If you just want to upgrade your existing mattress, you can opt for a topper.

If you have back pains, we strongly recommend you look into the benefits of orthopedic mattresses. Their ability to relieve pressure points and maintain proper spine alignment are two of the most important aspects of a mattress. If you’re also a hot sleeper prone to night sweats, then a cooling mattress would help regulate your body temperature.

Step 03: The Fitted Bed Sheets and Pillowcases

The kind of bed sheets and pillowcases you have influences how well you sleep and wake up. It protects both your skin and the mattress. For fitted bed sheets and pillowcases, we advise you to get smooth and breathable fabric blends like satin cotton.

The fitted sheets and pillowcases must be kind to your skin. It shouldn’t draw moisture, irritate, or chafe against your skin. It should allow your skin to remain hydrated and fresh throughout the night. Satin cotton bed sheets and pillowcases are great options because they’re hypoallergenic, gentle, and cooling on the skin. The fact that it makes your bed look more restful and comfortable like 5-star accommodations is a great bonus.

If you want to safeguard your mattress from spills and stains, then mattress protectors would be worth considering for your peace of mind and sleep comfort.

Step 04: The Pillows

Pillows cradle your head all night. Before you grab the softest and fluffiest pillow you can find, ask yourself if your head would feel well-supported. Opt for Memory Foam pillows that keep your head, neck, and spine properly aligned regardless of your sleeping position.

Memory Foam pillows enable you to facilitate healthy blood flow and breathing while you sleep. By helping maintain spine alignment, you are less likely to have aches and pains and snore.

When choosing a pillow, consider if it would relieve pressure points along the head, neck, and shoulders. Pillows can be soft for as long as your head doesn’t sink too deep into it.

Step 05: The Blanket/ Comforter/ Duvet

Choosing between a blanket, comforter, duvet, or a combination would be based on your indoor and outdoor climate, body temperature, and preference. For instance, a hot sleeper in a humid city may already be fine with only a flat sheet to cover their body. On the other hand, a cold sleeper may prefer fleece blankets or opt to layer with a comforter or duvet.

Comforters are not synonymous with duvets. Comforters are blankets and padding in one, whereas duvets are blankets with the option to insert padding. Comforters are ideal for those who want to maintain one piece of bedding rather than two. Duvets are great for individuals who like to mix and match their bedding or want to be cost-efficient with laundry. They can simply switch out duvet covers to give their beds a fresh look and feel.

When choosing the last one or two layers of your bed, think about how the blanket, comforter, or duvet would feel against your skin. Also, consider how your body temperature responds to them.

Takeaways on Building the Best Bed for Sleeping

The key to building the best bed for sleeping is knowing how your body responds to your sleeping surface. Your bed and mattress must be able to maintain and support your sleep posture while its height and depth must be tailored to your sitting posture.

The fitted sheets, pillowcases, and blankets, comforters, or duvets are intended to be stylish and comfortable at the same time. As for your choice of pillows, go for options that can support your head, neck, and spinal alignment.

Building the best bed for sleeping is a worthwhile investment and endeavour because it will improve sleep quality, and benefit overall health and well-being. Building the best bed for sleeping is essential to creating a cosy sleep environment that fosters rest and recovery.

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