King Size Mattresses: Why the Extra Space is Worth it

We spend a third of our lives in bed and it is only through restorative sleep that we’ll feel naturally empowered to make the most out of the remaining two-thirds of our day. That reason alone should be enough to treat yourself to the extra space that comes with king size mattresses.

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The Right King Size Mattress Impacts Overall Health

Your sleeping surface has more to do with your quality of sleep than you may know. Research has shown a direct correlation between sleep disorders and the quality of mattresses. We urge you to take the time to choose the best king size mattress that suits your individual needs.

A good king size mattress in Dubai is one that can prevent and reduce health risks as well as potential sleep disruptors. Magniflex has got your back with more than one king size mattress that makes your dream of deep sound sleep come true.

Magniflex offers a diverse range of king size mattresses that boost overall health. All Magniflex mattresses are hypoallergenic and antimicrobial to enhance sleep hygiene, some even boast cooling properties like the MagniCool 10 Firm. Night-time awakenings due to itching, sneezing, or heat buildup will surely happen a lot less with a king size mattress from Magniflex.

To alleviate pain from pressure points, reinforce muscle relaxation, and improve blood circulation, Magniflex king size mattresses offer orthopedic support allowing you to maintain proper sleep posture while you sleep. Those who need spinal decompression will be amazed by what the MagniStretch 9 can do for them.

Magniflex is committed to turning restless nights into restful sleep one mattress at a time.



Sleep Like Royalty in King and Super King Size Mattresses

Experience Magniflex

Magniflex invites you to sleep feeling like royalty. Uncover the benefits of a luxurious sleeping experience by creating the perfect sleep environment with a king size mattress at home.

Magniflex offers a rich selection of king and super king size mattresses that caters to everyone’s unique preferences in terms of comfort and support. These king mattresses are similarly built but slightly differ in dimensions. Magniflex king mattresses are the widest available standard-sized mattresses, measuring 180 x 200cm and 200x200cm; whereas the super king mattresses are the longest, measuring 180 x 210cm, 193 x 203cm, and 200 x 210cm.

Whether you choose a king or super king size mattress, you’ll surely appreciate the abundance of space and freedom of movement. The size and depth of these Magniflex mattresses are also ideal for couples and families who share beds in Dubai, as much as solo sleepers can enjoy just being able to spread out.


King vs. Super King Size Mattresses and the Perfect Sleep Environment

When deciding between king and super king mattresses in Dubai, keep in mind that not one is necessarily better than the other. Aside from your budget, what matters is that you factor in your sleeping habits and sleeping position alongside the number of people sleeping in the bed and your respective heights.

Factors to Consider to Achieve the Perfect Sleep Environment

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  • 01 Sleeping Habit and Positions

    Side sleepers who lie down with their knees bent can appreciate the width a standard king size mattress offers. On the other hand, stomach and back sleepers may fare better with a super king size mattress that allows them to stretch their legs without their feet hanging off the edge of the bed.

    Active sleepers who tend to move around the bed as well as starfish sleepers who are likely to take up the whole bed should prioritise both the width and length of the bed. Basically, the mattress needs to fit both their arms and legs.

  • 02 Sleeping Arrangements

    Those who share the bed with their partner, children, or pets should pick a king size mattress that matches their preferred levels of comfort. The thickness or depth of the king or super king size mattress must also be able to support the full weight of every sleeper.

    The size and layout of your room is another consideration. King and super king size mattresses take up a substantial amount of floor area. Be sure you have enough room for furniture and to move around. A pro tip would be to take advantage of under-bed storage.

  • 03 Height

    As mentioned, the mattress must fit every sleeper’s arms and legs. This is a general rule that applies to solo sleepers and those who share their bed.

    The choice between a standard king or a super king size mattress will depend on the height of each individual on the bed. You don’t want your hands and feet flailing about at all costs.

    As for those moving to a new home, you can worry less about your king size mattress not fitting through the door. Magniflex in Dubai assures your convenience and accessibility with vacuum-packed mattresses.

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How a King Size Mattress Fosters Harmonious Sleep Experiences

Sleep disorders are sadly becoming more common. A meta-analysis on sleep quality published by the National Library of Medicine found that 15 to 30%t of individuals have trouble falling or staying asleep.

Magniflex, knowing very well the value of restful sleep, has devoted 60 years of industry experience to bring forth innovative and effective sleep solutions. As a global and prime distributor of top-quality mattresses, Magniflex can ensure harmonious sleep experiences for customers in Dubai.

Sleep disorders such as insomnia and sleep apnea, as well as restlessness due to body aches and pains, can be mitigated with the right mattress and the right pillow. The size and support system of a mattress are not to be overlooked, because these are factors that could either ease or aggravate health symptoms.

Many studies have reported that larger sleeping surfaces such as king size mattresses could help ease sleep-related problems. Wider and deeper mattresses, which are attributes that can be expected from a standard king size, have a higher capacity for distributing body pressure points evenly. The idea is that no one should feel restricted while they sleep, but everyone should be able to maintain proper sleep posture.

Couples or people who share their beds as well as active sleepers would greatly benefit from the space guaranteed by king size mattresses. Magniflex makes the sleeping experience better by offering personalised comfort with dual-core mattresses. Who would have thought one mattress could have two microclimates or two firmness levels?

Magniflex in Dubai provides a wide range of king size mattresses to allow every sleeper to experience the luxury of space while alleviating pain caused by poor sleep posture. Magniflex champions every customer’s individual needs with multiple ways to customise mattresses.


King Size Mattresses Strengthen Physical and Mental Well-Being

Quality of sleep significantly affects physical and mental well-being. Every individual needs a full night’s rest and deep sleep in order to have the energy and clarity required for daily productivity.

Magniflex strengthens physical and mental well-being by offering king size mattresses that promise more than enough space to support various sleeping habits and positions. Every individual, whether solo sleepers or those who share beds can benefit from these innovative and customisable king size mattresses.

With a king size mattress that caters to your individual needs, you are more likely to fall asleep faster and stay in that state of deep sleep. Magniflex in Dubai has made it possible for customers to attain a healthy sleep-wake cycle so that they feel empowered to perform their duties to the best of their abilities.


Magniflex King-Size Mattresses Improve Sleep Quality and Support Overall Wellness

Investing in a king-size mattress from Magniflex in Dubai can transform your sleep and contribute to a healthier lifestyle.

Magniflex as a global leader in the mattress industry has a keen understanding of how the quality of a mattress can translate to the quality of sleep. Magniflex in Dubai can recommend the right king size mattress to customers, helping them avoid or minimise sleep discomfort such as back pain, night sweats, and/ or night-time awakenings.

Magniflex's dedication to quality and customer satisfaction ensures that customers in Dubai can enjoy the highest level of comfort and support while they sleep, leading to better overall wellness.



King Mattresses Significantly Improve Physical and Mental Well-Being

The significance of a good night's sleep cannot be overstated, as it directly impacts our physical and mental well-being. Sleep disorders are prevalent, and choosing the right mattress is crucial in preventing health risks and promoting uninterrupted sleep. Magniflex king size mattresses offer a luxurious and comfortable sleep experience, providing ample space and support for various sleeping positions.

Magniflex, with its extensive experience in the mattress industry, offers a range of king-size mattresses that cater to different needs and preferences. Factors such as sleeping habits, room size, and personal comfort should be considered when selecting a mattress.

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