Queen Size Mattress Dimensions: A Buying Guide

28th December , 2023

Let’s face it: deciding on the right mattress size is not as easy as it seems. It comes with a lot of cloudy areas, questions, and doubts. There are also many factors, including budget, comfort, and benefits, which you need to consider before choosing your ideal mattress.

In today’s article, we will give a simple breakdown of queen-size mattresses, including their dimensions, who they are suitable for, factors to consider when selecting, and everything you need to know before buying one.

How Big Is A Queen-size Mattress?

The standard dimensions of queen-size mattresses are sixty inches broad by eighty inches long, which measures five inches longer and six inches wider than a typical mattress. This size is slightly smaller and narrower than a king-size mattress but bigger than a single mattress. When considering room dimensions, a queen-size mattress can comfortably fit in rooms up to 120 square feet in size.

The only primary distinction between queen-size and king-size mattress dimensions is the breadth. Some tend to prefer king-size over queen-size because they are wider. However, it all comes down to individual preferences, budget, room size, etc.

A queen-size mattress has enough area for two people to comfortably sleep. It is long enough for an adult of average height while leaving enough space in the room to accommodate other furniture.

Types Of Queen Size Mattress Dimensions

There are three different types of queen mattresses: the standard queen, split queen, and Olympic queen mattress. The standard queen size is the most popular, measuring 60 inches by 80 inches.

A split queen bed is a dual queen-size mattress consisting of two mattresses that each measure 30 inches by 80 inches. When combined, they make up a standard queen size of 60 inches by 80 inches.

The Olympic queen size is slightly larger than a standard queen. It is a specialty bed measuring 66 inches in width and 80 inches in length, six inches wider than standard queen-size beds. These queen-size bed dimensions provide more room for an extra sleeper, like a small child or a pet.

Queen-Size Mattress: Who Is It Suitable For?

The standard size of a queen-size mattress allows two people to comfortably share a bed. It is renowned as one of the most popular, convenient, and affordable mattress sizes.

The dimensions of a queen-size mattress make it a perfect fit for these people:

Couples Who Enjoy Cuddling

It is ideal for couples who like to cuddle up a bit and are of average height. The dimensions of a queen-size mattress give plenty of space to enjoy tossing and turning around while keeping your partner close when sleeping.

Singles Who Want To Spread Out

Single sleepers who want to sprawl out can find queen-size beds just right compared to a single-size mattress. Provided that you are a person of average height, it gives you enough space to comfortably spread out while sleeping, studying, or even watching a movie by yourself.

Grown-Up Kids

Queen-size mattress dimensions are also a great pick for families with many kids and teenagers. Parents can invest on a queen-size mattress that will endure for years rather than needing to buy new mattresses for every growth spurt.

Many parents often consider using Queen-size mattresses to offer their children room to grow, even though smaller children may initially find the size to be a bit huge.

However, as they grow, the queen-size mattress can prove to be a cost-effective investment in the long run. In addition, the greater width of a queen-size mattress provides the comfort and space your child needs when she/he grows into a young adult in a few years.

Older Adults And Seniors

For older adults and seniors, a queen-size mattress can be another comfortable option, depending on their preferences. For example, those who find it a hassle to roll off a big bed may find the queen-size mattress more convenient.

In contrast, active sleepers can prefer a bigger bed than a queen-size. This way, they have extra space to roll around and not fall off the bed. Besides this, when purchasing a mattress for the elderly, mattress quality, bed frame height, and comfort should always be the main criteria to look for.

Queen Size Bed Dimensions: What Do They Offer?

A queen-size mattress dimension offers the following benefits:

Maximum Comfort

On average, we spend around 26 years of our lives in bed, and comfort should never be compromised as we count every minute we spend on our mattresses. The queen-size has the right dimensions to provide maximum comfort for its sleepers.

Always remember that your mattress should be the place ideal for relaxing your body and mind after a long day. This comes with a comfortable mattress that provides the best support regardless of your body’s size and form.


A queen-size mattress is suitable for both singles and couples who are looking to invest in a bed that is neither too big nor too small. It is one of the most affordable mattress sizes that doesn’t compromise quality and comfort.

They comfortably fit in rooms up to 120 square feet in size. It makes small rooms, aesthetically pleasing, without the chunky-cluttered appearance. You can also generously fit in your partner and your pet when relaxing.

Besides that, because queen-size dimensions are the most preferred size globally, it is readily available to purchase at any reliable mattress store.


With proper maintenance you can retain the shape, structure, and form of a queen-size mattress and extend its life span. The best practice for this is to rotate or flip your mattress regularly. Keeping it in a big and cosy room helps keep your mattresses balanced.

Similarly, your mattress can develop indentations and sags while lying on one side for a long time. To avoid this, try sleeping evenly on all sides of the mattress. It will help the mattress last longer and make it less prone to drooping.

Making The Right Choice For A Queen-Size Mattress Dimension

Understanding if a mattress size dimension is right for you comes down to factors like budget, room size, and, most importantly, preferences or needs. Only after thoroughly analysing this, one can settle for an answer to the question, “What is the right mattress size for me?”.

Whichever option you are contemplating, make sure you choose a reliable mattress manufacturer. This is an essential factor that determines the longevity of your investment.

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